BetaMars Land NFT Certificate is on Binance NFT Marketplace, Highest Bid to 1.45ETH


Official news from BetaMars (, that the auction of BetaMars Land NFT Certificate is held on the Binance NFT Marketplace on February 18. The first auction includes two Land NFT Certificates with acreage of 2*2. The initial price is 0.5ETH! According to the Binance NFT Marketplace, several rounds of bidding have been made to a final deal of 1.45ETH at 16:00, Feb 18 (UTC). And now, BetaMars Land NFT Certificate with acreage of 2*2, 4*4, 4*8, 8*8 are being auctioned!

Players who successfully bid Land NFT Certificate in this auction can exchange it to Land NFT when the BetaMars game is launched. Land NFT holders can activate the Lord identity by lighting up the corresponding Land in the game. As an elite in the BetaMars world, a Lord possesses the mining right, tax pool revenue right, land ownership and trading right, etc. of the Land!

Land NFT— An Essential Infrastructure in BetaMars Metaverse Ecology

BetaMars Land NFT is a vital part of BetaMars ecology, playing a key role in the development of BetaMars. Land NFT, issued on BSC, has a total four Land Acreage: 2*2, 4*4, 4*8, 8*8, and a total initial circulation of 10,000. In BetaMars 1.0, players, as the role of Miner or Lord, together mine on Elonpunk Pool. In 2.0 and more versions, culture, law and values will be established with development of BetaMars. Different countries, cultures and business empires will be born. With the development of the BetaMars metaverse ecology, the Land NFT will have more ecological value and commercial value.

It is said that BetaMars is a metaverse project developed by a top encryption team, aiming at building a surreal metaverse ecological civilization. Since its launch one month ago, it has already received over $10 million in funding from Kryptos, GameMine Capital, HOT DAO, Youbi Capital, Pluto Capital and many other well-known institutions. Thanks to the innovative product design and unique economic model, BetaMars is considered to be the leader in the metaverse track.

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