BetaMars: A Solution to the Continuous Prosperity of Metaverse Game

Source: Twitter @Betamars2025

In the past months the success of metaverse game has been witnessed. Integrated NFT & P2E, the metaverse track provides a fairer game business model for all people. The metaverse game changes the traditionally seperate model. Thanks to NFT & P2E, all the participants will be linked together to explore a new way to the traditional game. However, it is a pity that the current complexity and low creativity of metaverse game design limit players’ game entry, which is also a negative factor to metaverse game sustainable development. How to boost the metaverse game and break the limit to achieve the continuous prosperity? Metaverse project BetaMars gives a solution.

What is BetaMars?

BetaMars( is a mataverse game based on Binance Smart Chain, integrated SLG, P2E, UGC and NFT. It aims at building a highly open and free metaverse human civilized world. BetaMars game is constructed in stages. BetaMars 1.0 is a resource exploitation stage. In the 1.0 stage, players should work to open the lands and complete the construction of the BetaMars world foundation through gameplay mechanisms. The 2.0 stage is a metaverse civilization building stage. Players are able to build and operate their own Land NFT according to their interest and preference. The metaverse civilization will set sail in the BetaMars 2.0.

Now BetaMars is in its closed beta test. Its product model with low threshold but high revenue has attracted much attention and players during the closed beta test.

BetaMars 1.0 builds a low-threshold but high-revenue play model, tackling the user increasing bottleneck.

It is widely accepted that the rewards to players plays a key role in the crypto metaverse game. However, in the market most of the games cannot satisfy players with rewards after time-consuming inputs. As a result, there are less and less intentions to play games as well as playing to earn. It can be said that the low-threshold but high-revenue product model is the key to draw more participation in a crypto metaverse game. BetaMars 1.0 designed a simple gameplay model according to the play and earn experience. High revenue can be achived without large time consuming.

In BetaMars, there are two revenue ways for players, respectively work to earn and burn to earn.

Work to earn

Players working in the Land NFT in game can earn project ecological token EP and 1.0 stage circulating token Revo. A 55% of the total project ecological token EP will be rewarded to players who work on the Land NFT. At the day game launched, 4.95 million EP will be distributed to the players working that day. In fact, different strategy combos made by players will bring different revenues to them.

For example, on March 24, players earn a highest 3.42M EP Land NFT revenue by making strategy in the closed beta test!

Burn to Earn

In the BetaMars, players who burn the 1.0 project token Revo will also win rewards. By this way, players can share a 40% of the Tax Pool rewards. The more Revo burnt, the higher the revenue received. Every day, BetaMars will collect (10 + N) % of the tax from the Land NFT EP output. As the Tax Pool accumulates, the potential revenue distributed to players will be higher.

Stake to earn

Apart from work and burn, BetaMars introduces the Stake to Earn mechanism. Players will also receive Tax Pool share by staking Revo in the corresponding page.

It should be noted that no matter it is work to earn, burn to earn or stake to earn, there are only simple clicks required. Take work to earn as an example, players just need to click and get into the working page to work and earn. In the process, no other operations are required, which is very easy to learn. 

Working process as follows.

Player’s working page in game

In addition to the low threshold but high revenue, BetaMars 2.0 has also innovated for the practical application value of Land NFT.

BetaMars 2.0 innovates Land NFT value, boosting the sustainable development of crypto metaverse.

As an infrastructure in the metaverse world, Land NFT plays an irreplaceable role. At present there are many application scenarios in the metaverse game market. For instance, squares, galleries and other buildings can be built on the Land NFT. However, most of metaverse projects in the market limit themselves to apply Land NFT in game without considering the real value Land NFT provides to players, which is also an obstacle in the development of metaverse game.

In BetaMars 2.0, Land NFT will be used as a mining GPU to link to the mining farms and given values out of the game. BetaMars 2.0 keeps innovating in metaverse products, especially in Land NFT values. In addition to earn by working on the Land NFT in the BetaMars 1.0, players are allowed to build commercial civilization on Land NFT to build “mine craft” and earn BTC.

BetaMars 2.0 maps the reality of human civilization and introduces the concept of Prosperity. The more players on the Land NFT, the higher the productivity and Prosperity. Prosperity is proportional to the hashrate of the Land NFT to access the BTC mining farms. When the Prosperity increases, the hashrate of the Land NFT will also go up. So, players will get more BTC rewards.

It can be said that from the whole BetaMars product design, both the low-threshold play and earn model and the future 2.0 product planning are highly innovative. In today’s restricted development of the crypto metaverse game track, the emergence of BetaMars may become a viable solution for the continued prosperity of the metaverse game track! At present, BetaMars’ quality product design has also gained the attention of the crypto metaverse market, and several institutions have invested in BetaMars with a seed round funding of more than ten million dollars! Will BetaMars be a leader in metaverse with its excellent product design in the future? Let’s wait and see!

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