BetaMars 1.0 Play and Earn Draws Great Attention, Land NFT Auctioned at 3ETH!

Source: Twitter @Betamars2025

BetaMars ( is a popular metaverse project in the world in early 2022. As divided into different stages, BetaMars 1.0 is in the stage of the original resource allocation on the BetaMars world. In this stage, the game setting of Play And Earn is adopted, so that players can obtain project token rewards while having fun with the game, and a smarter gaming strategy can get more income. Because of its token economic model comparable with early P2E game Axie and changeable strategy portfolio design, BetaMars has attracted wide attention in the metaverse game market. Currently, it has received more than 10 million US dollars in seed round from Youbi Capital, GameMine Capital and other institutions!

Land NFT, the basis of BetaMars, auctioned at 3ETH in Binance NFT Marketplace

Land NFT is a significant basis of BetaMars. It has been listed on the Binance NFT Marketplace on February 17, and on February 25, the auction of 10 BetaMars Land NFT has been concluded, including four types of land with different acreage of 2*2, 4*4, 4*8, 8*8, among which an 8*8 Land NFT was sold at a bid as high as 3ETH! It is known that the Land NFT Certificate auctioned on the Binance NFT Marketplace can be exchanged for the Land NFT when the game is launched.

BetaMars Land NFT plays a vital role in the ecosystem and the entire development process of the project. In BetaMars 1.0, there are two identities, Lords and Miners for players to choose to be, and they will fight for mineral resources on the Land NFT to obtain incomes; in BetaMars 2.0, civilization will be constructed, and cities, commerce, and culture will start on the Land NFT. With the development of the BetaMars world, Land NFT will show infinity possibility in the ecologic and commercial value.

BetaMars closed beta test launched, to explore the gameplay of the Land NFT in advance

BetaMars has launched the closed beta test of BetaMars 1.0 recently. Players can join the official community ( to get the test access to the game closed beta test!

According to the official news from BetaMars, players can claim the test Land NFT to enter the game to explore the diverse gameplay brought by Land NFT in advance and become familiar with the Play And Earn strategy model in the BetaMars 1.0. From information revealed in the test, we can see that the Lords who own Land NFT have obtained the project token, EP rewards at different stages in the game. The current highest ranking is 861,700 EP!

It is reported that the total supply of BetaMars project tokens is 10 billion, and 6.5 billion will be allocated to the project ecosystem. There will be more than 4 million EP to be divided by online players on the first day of the official game launch after the end of the closed beta test!

About BetaMars:

BetaMars is a metaverse project created by a team of well-known scientists from all over the world, dedicated to building a surreal metaverse ecological civilization. The core members of the team are all from well-known institutions in the crypto and game industries. CTO Zach has previously worked with BM to build two projects, BitShares and EOS, and CEO Silvia has previously led the team to participate in the production of large games such as League of Legends. Although BetaMars has not yet been launched, its powerful project team, grand vision, innovative gameplay mechanism, and unique economic model have attracted more and more attention in the Metaverse market, and the project has been credited as a Dark Horse in the 2022 metaverse track by many well-known institutions.

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