Best Stake Hacks, Tips & Tricks 2023: How to Hack Stake Casino (Top 3 Cheats)

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If you want to know how to hack Stake casino, then you will need to start with the welcome bonus. This will give you access to an exclusive 5% rakeback offer when you use the bonus code – MIKBONUS during registration. Claiming this bonus will credit some of your losses back to your account, and provides the perfect platform for making the most of the best Stake hacks.

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Address 28 Oktovriou, 313 Omrania BLD, Limassol, CY-3105, Cyprus
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How to hack Stake casino – the basics

Getting the best from your time at is quite straightforward as long as you know a few facts about and how it works. This will be especially important if you have never played at any type of online casino before. is a sweepstakes casino, where you play with virtual coins instead of the real money you might use at a regular casino. Sweepstakes casinos are very popular for two reasons:

  • The fact they use virtual coins, and you do not have to pay or make a deposit to play makes and other sweepstakes casinos legal across most of the US – even in states where regular casinos are not legal.
  • Because sweepstakes casinos are set up in such a way that by accumulating enough of one of the types of coin, you can trade them in for a cash prize delivered as a gift card or in currency.

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Stake casino tips – using the different coin types

The first tip then is to learn how the two different coin types are acquired and used. The first type of coin you’ll come across is Gold Coins, usually shortened to GC when referred to on the site. These are used for playing slots, table games, and the range of Stake Originals in ‘Standard’ mode – where your winning spins get you more GC. They have no cash value and are there purely for entertainment purposes.

The other type of coin is known as Stake Cash, and these can also be used to play games on the site. This is done in ‘Promotional’ mode and success here wins you more Stake Cash. The first of the Stake casino tricks you need to learn is that once you have played through any Stake Cash 3x, they become redeemable for either a gift card, merchandise, or a currency transfer to your e-wallet.

Choose Your Game Wisely

Before you can do any of that, you’ll first need to take a look at the games available to players at These are a range of slots, with some table games and even live dealer options, which is something of a rarity for a social or sweepstakes casino. In common with both regular casinos and other sweepstakes casinos, however, the majority of the game’s roster is made up of slots, with the others only making less than a quarter of the whole number.


Game Type No. available Game Providers
Slots 388 Hacksaw Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Stake Originals, One Touch, Kalamba
Table Games 8 Pragmatic Play, Stake Originals
Live Dealers 3 Stake Live
Scratchcards 10 Hacksaw Gaming

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With this much on offer, choosing the right game to begin with could be tricky. However, by using what you already know, you can narrow down the field slightly. If, for instance, you have played only slots before, then starting with one of those would seem to be wise, and steering clear of the table games until you feel a little more confident. One of the best Stake tips is to always stick with what you know when it matters, and experiment with new games using Gold Coins instead.

With major providers like Pragmatic Play and Hacksaw games making up the vast majority of the slots roster, there is even a chance one of the games you might have played before, or at least something very similar to it will be available here.

A similar principle could apply to the table games and live dealer options. If you have played roulette before, then there is a live option and two video versions. Blackjack also has one live option and two video versions, as does Baccarat. There is also video poker and HiLo, so at least one of these will look familiar. You can then start playing these with very low stakes using GC, so you don’t burn through your bankroll so quickly.

There is no need for Stake casino cheats if you manage your bankroll carefully

Managing your bankroll is essential here, especially when you have two different coins to work with. As well as claiming the exclusive 5% rakeback offer, when you join, you will also get your first daily bonus, consisting of a number of GC, and a much smaller amount of SC to get you started.

Playing games initially in ‘Standard’ mode with GC is a good place to start, as you are only using GC to find out how a game works, and not wasting Stake Cash just seeing what happens. The other thing you need to do here is to not get carried away.

Being able to play for free affects people in different ways, and some will play with the highest stakes available because it’s not real money. If you are one of those people, you need to dial it back a bit if you want your daily bonus to last a little longer than five minutes.

Using a simple method of low stakes is one of the best Stake hacks – for example, 1-2% of your total amount of GC. That way you can play for longer, and see most of the features and variables of the games before you get to the end of your daily coin allotment.

Play Low-Risk Games

Another tactic to make your balance of coins last that much longer is to target low-risk games. In practical terms, this means identifying the games with the highest RTP or ‘return to player’ percentages. This does not take any maths on your part – apart from some basic subtraction, it’s all a case of knowing where to look. This is one of the best Stake casino cheats you can use as a player, as you can really get the advantage.

Calculating RTPs on slots

To work out the RTP for a slot, you simply have to open up the game and scroll down to the panel beneath the one that shows the gameplay. There you will see the details of the game and the house edge. Taking ‘Gates of Olympus’ as an example, the house edge here is 3.5%, meaning that the RTP for this game is 96.5%, which is quite high. Other games have similar low-risk RTPs:

Name of game RTP
Sweet Bonanza – Pragmatic Play 96.5%
Cubes 2 – Hacksaw Gaming 96.33%
Chaos Crew – Hacksaw Gaming 96.3%
Gems Bonanza – Pragmatic Play 96.5%
Wanted Dead or a Wild – Hacksaw Gaming 96.38%

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This means that on average, in the case of the first example – out of every GC you play with, you should get 96.5% of it back. Of course, there are losing streaks and wins that contribute to these stats, and you can see the biggest and most recent wins by clicking on the appropriate tab on the same panel.

RTP on table games

A similar piece of arithmetic can be carried out on each of the live and video versions of the table games. Seeing that the Stake Original roulette has an edge of 2.7% means the RTP here is 97.3%, and Stake Original blackjack has a house edge of just 0.5% making it one of the lowest-risk games of all – provided you know what you are doing.

This goes back to the original point made earlier that the lowest-risk games, at least to start with, are the ones you already know.

Stake casino tricks – other ways to get more Stake Cash

Even by playing carefully, you will eventually reach the end of your daily reload. When this happens, you have several choices about what to do next. You could wait until tomorrow when you will receive your next daily reload when you log in. If you want to play more now there are other alternatives, especially if you are looking for more Stake Cash.

Get more Stake Cash by post

A free option is to send in a request by mail. It might seem odd that an online casino with games at the cutting edge would use old-school post, but is a common method used by sweepstakes casinos, and part of the legislation that makes legal in so many states. The request needs to be handwritten and contain the following details:

  • Your name,
  • Username,
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • The code given to you by the code generator
  • A declaration that you understand the T&Cs

And sent to the Stake office. There can only be one request per postcard, and successful applications will have 5 Stake Cash credited to their account.

Get more Stake Cash as a free gift when buying GC

The other way is to buy one of the many coin packages on offer at While you cannot actually buy Stake Cash directly – is very clear on this – you can get some free when you buy GC. The amount you will get will vary according to how many GC you buy, and the proportion of GC to SC is about the same as with your daily reload, so the lion’s share of what you see will be GC.

These are not the only two ways to get more coins, however, you can of course play them to win more, or get more from giveaways with the continuous stream of promotions that run, as well as a VIP Club.

Use Bonuses and Promotions to Your Advantage

One of the standout features for many players is the number of promotions at, and by using these to your advantage you can gain more coins of both descriptions. This will also influence the types of games you should play to a certain extent.

For example, hitting a 100x multiplier a given number of times puts you into the draw for one of 50 x 100 Stake Cash. There are also leaderboards for those who play the most each day, with the top 100 receiving prizes. Not forgetting, of course, that 250m GC + Free 25k SC are given away each week, with more play giving you more entries in the draw for a share of the bounty.

Bonuses from the VIP Club

Regular gameplay also improves your position in the VIP Club and the bonuses you get according to that status. To start with, you will only get bonuses as you ascend from one level to the next, but that soon evolves into monthly and weekly bonuses that grow in size depending on which tier of the program you occupy. High levels get you further daily bonuses, with bespoke bonuses available to those at the very top.

How to wager your bonus quickly? Playing Dice!

The basic principle is to set your slider in the game at a number between 1 and 100. The lower you set it, the bigger chance you are taking and the larger potential reward is on offer.

For example, by settling your slider at 25, you cover numbers 1-25, but the risk is high. In line with the principles discussed earlier, if you set the slider to 98, your chance of losing is very small, and your reward is small, but at the same time, you are racking up the VIP points.

The same principle can be used with Plinko, another Stake Original. This is essentially Pachinko where a ball drops through a series of pins to land in a receptacle at the end deciding your reward. Here, you can set your risk to low, where you will only break even most of the time, but add to your VIP points with every game.

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How to hack Stake casino – what you need to know

You have now seen how to get the most from, and while they are not hacks as you might recognize them, our top three tactics that might seem like ‘cheats’ to others that might not know them are:

  • Pick your game wisely – preferably opting for low-risk games with high RTP or those you are familiar with to start off with.
  • Use the many promotions and bonuses available to add to your coins balance, especially the exclusive 5% rakeback bonus using code MIKBONUS.
  • Manage your bankroll carefully by pacing yourself and adding to it using free methods like the daily reload from logging in each day.

Using these will allow you to use your coins most effectively, whether you are just there to play for fun for as long as possible, or if you have designs on a cash prize.

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How to Hack Stake Casino FAQ

How do you claim the exclusive bonus?

Most sweepstakes casinos have welcome bonuses, but some are better than others. The exclusive 5% rakeback bonus is an exclusive offer that you can only access by entering code MIKBONUS when you register.

How can you get more Stake Cash?

You can get more Stake Cash by remembering to log in each day to make sure you get your daily reload. You can also get more by taking part in promotions, or by getting some free when you purchase more GC. Most oddly, you can even get 5 Stake Cash by sending a handwritten request in the mail

Are there live dealer games at

Nearly all sweepstakes casinos will have a wide range of slots, and many of those will have table games as well. However, is one of the very few that also has a range of live dealer games, with roulette, blackjack, and baccarat available.

Does have a VIP Club?

Many sweepstakes casinos forego their idea of a VIP Club, but Stake is one of the exceptions, In practice, it straddles the gap between VIP and a rewards program, where you gain points as you play, and this propels you through the program tiers to bigger and more bespoke rewards.

What are Stake Originals?

Most sweepstakes casinos will have a range of games provided by big names as well as other more obscure suppliers, and in addition to this Stake has its own range of originals. This covers the live options, as well as games you might not find at other casinos like Dice and Plinko.

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