Best Selling Crypto Presales: Dogetti, Fight Out, And Ecoterra Shows The Preview Of Massive Progress


Cryptocurrencies in the presale stage can give an opportunity for investors to make multifold profits. This is because pre-ICO cryptocurrencies can be bought at a great discount before they hit the crypto exchange. As the number of new cryptocurrencies in the presale stage is increasing rapidly, let’s talk about three new projects, Dogetti, Fight Out, and Ecoterra, that have been winning the confidence of investors.

Fight Out – Hard Work Pays!

Do you want to have a defined physique without sweating much at the GYM? It might not be possible in the real world, but the virtual world makes it attainable.

Fight Out is a web 3 integrated play-to-earn platform where users can compete in games to earn rewards and digital assets. It integrates cryptocurrency with fitness. In the Fight Out ecosystem, users can mint their own NFT avatar. The training system in the Fight Out platform helps the users to level up their avatars based on their real-life characters. The users will be rewarded for completing exercises and tasks on their way to achieving the goal.

Fight Out has two types of tokens called REPS and FGHT. REPS is a reward token that can also be used to make in-app purchases. The FGHT acts as a native token of the Fight Out ecosystem. It can be used to pay an entry fee or prize pool for the tournaments and competitions.

Fight Out is currently in its presale stage and is quickly selling out its FIGHT tokens. As of writing, it has raised more than 5 million dollars. As the presale is going to end at the end of March, Fight Out is working hard to make it BIG.

Ecoterra – Recycle2Earn

In 2016, the United Nation’s environment program estimated that the global cost of adopting Climate Change could grow to $140- $300 billion per year by 2030.

The White House fact sheet reported that the crypto assets with the largest market capitalization emit 0.3% of annual global greenhouse emissions. Cryptocurrencies have been taking necessary steps, like switching to proof of stake protocol, to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ecoterra, the new cryptocurrency in the market, has come up with a very efficient idea to reduce global warming. It aims to create awareness about the irreversible change that the human race has been contributing to through their daily life. This new blockchain-based company encourages recycling by rewarding people.

People can download the Recycle2Earn app and scan plastics, glass, and aluminium can barcodes. After recycling, the users need to upload their Reverse Vending Machine receipt to earn Ecoterra tokens. The app also allows users to scan their electricity bills to earn rewards for green energy-producing technology. Users can buy recycled materials in the Ecoterra marketplace using the Ecoterra token or fiat. Another important feature of Ecoterra is the Carbon offset marketplace, where users can buy Carbon offset products. A carbon offset is a process where individuals or businesses can offset their carbon emissions by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This new-age cryptocurrency aims to raise 2 million dollars in its first phase of the presale. The growing concerns about climate change are turning the spotlight on Ecoterra.

Dogetti Leads The Canine Pack

Pet lovers often say, “home is where the dog is!” In the virtual world, a new pack of dogs is welcoming humans into its family.

Dogetti is a new dog-themed meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to make its masters rich. The Dogetti gang, with Don Eloni as their boss, has released a road map consisting of 6 flawless phases to achieve it.

The Dogetti ecosystem is powered by its native token called DETI, which is being sold out in the first stage of its presale. At the time of writing, a single unit of DETI costs $0.00007. As the first stage of presale is fast approaching its target, with more than 93% of the token being sold out, Dogetti is planning to increase the price by 300% in the second stage. Are you wondering what makes this new cryptocurrency sell out so fast? Here are the reasons.

Dogetti ecosystem offers DogettiNFT, DogettiDAO, and DogettiSwap services through which the investors can own and regulate the community. DogettiNFT gives investors access to unique and exclusive digital assets. It also allows them to breed, grow and sell them on the market for fiat or any other cryptocurrencies to make maximum profit. DogettiDAO enables the investors to propose or vote on the proposals to bring changes to develop the community. It allows the investors to choose the best for the community. DogettiSwap makes transactions fast and feasible. Besides these distinctive features, Dogetti has other important characteristics that build a sense of confidence in investors.

Dogetti aims to create a community LIKE NO OTHER. It refers to its investors as ‘family’ and promises to make generational wealth for Every member. Its buy-back protocol is one of the major hits in the crypto community. Dogetti announced that the 2% of the tax imposed on every transaction would be redistributed to token holders, which means investors can earn money simply by holding their wallet firm and steady. It also announced that 2% of the tax would be added to the charity wallet, and the family members could decide which charity should receive the fund. These unique traits are what make it one of the most successful ongoing presales in the market. Dogetti is offering a 25% bonus to those who buy DETI tokens using the code WISEGUY25.

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