Best Metaverse Tokens 2023:


Since the 2021 bull market, the hype around metaverse tokens has died down. Projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland have lost a significant number of players, and their value has also dipped. But can they recover in 2023?

With the crypto market rising once again, some experts believe that metaverse tokens could recover. This is great news for The Sandbox and Decentraland, and could allow new projects like Everlodge to gain momentum.

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Everlodge Introduces DeFi Vacation Home Ownership

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Everlodge is the first DeFi project that combines fractional vacation home ownership with timeshare and NFT technology. It lets everyday investors buy fractions in vacation properties, removing the traditional barriers to entry.

The platform works by letting investors purchase fractionalized NFTs that represent ownership of a property. For example, an investor can buy an NFT for $100,000, which represents a 10% share in a $1 million villa.

As a property increases in value, so will the value of the NFTs linked to the property. This allows investors to generate a passive income through vacation home ownership without needing a significant amount of funds to get started.

During the Everlodge presale, developers have implemented a dynamic pricing model. This model will increase the value of ELDG tokens during each presale stage. Investors will also be able to earn a bonus based on which stage they buy tokens.

Everlodge tokens will play an essential role throughout the project’s ecosystem. This ecosystem will include the property marketplace, a unique launchpad for developers, and a rewards club.

The Everlodge presale is already gaining traction. Tokens are currently selling at $0.01 and Investors who buy now will earn a 30% bonus on their purchases. With tokens expected to increase by over 280%, such a bonus could significantly boost investors’ portfolios.

Decentraland Falls 1.35% After Bitstamp Delisting

Decentraland was recently delisted from Bitstamp, causing its value to crash by 1.35%. Bitstamp delisted Decentraland due to its new categorization as a security by the SEC. The exchange claims that Decentraland is too risky for the platform during the current crypto climate.

This is terrible news for Decentraland, which was already struggling. Since its highs of 2021, Decentraland has lost over 70% of its player base, and its native token is down by over 93%. At the time of writing, Decentraland was trading at $0.3666.

Nonetheless, some experts believe that Decentraland could recover. As one of the largest metaverse games, Decentraland could bounce back if metaverse games gain widespread traction.

The Sandbox Hits Annual Low After Security Categorization

Despite being one of the largest metaverse games, The Sandbox continues to decrease in value. After being categorized as a security, The Sandbox hit an annual low of $0.37. The Sandbox has since recovered slightly to $0.4033, however its trading volume and popularity have fallen dramatically.

Much like Decentraland, The Sandbox’s user base is also down. Since 2021, over 80% of The Sandbox’s player base has left the platform, with more expected to leave as the tokens value falls.

The Sandbox is currently trading at $0.4033 and has a daily trading volume of $73,389,382. Given its low value and high potential in the metaverse market, The Sandbox could be a strong investment for investors thinking long term.

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