Best Metaverse Games For 2023: Decentraland, Sandbox and BudBlockz


The Metaverse is often a term many investors talk about, but few can explain it in depth. Ultimately, the goal is an alternative, virtual reality in which people can interact with each other and have infinite possibilities of pastimes.

The main feature of the Metaverse is decentralization. No single entity can control the Metaverse. The Metaverse is organized decentrally; each person can network with this virtual world and move freely. Therefore, blockchain technology is an ideal foundation for the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is well-positioned to be a pivotal turning point in how we interact with each other, from work and education to commerce and entertainment. 

Virtual gaming will experience some of the most substantial changes as the industry embraces metaverse technology and shifts towards greater immersion.

This article discusses the best three Metaverse games of 2023, and we believe these projects are well-positioned for 2023 and beyond.

Decentraland ($MANA)

Metaverse Game Decentraland allows players to use a virtual world and buy and sell properties. With the $MANA token used on the platform, in addition to purchasing land, you can also participate in the platform’s decisions.

Visitors to the platform can create their avatars to represent them in the virtual world. You can use the avatar to explore the virtual world and communicate with other avatars—the $MANA token is required to buy land or other virtual assets in the Decentraland virtual world.

The Sandbox ($SAND)

Sandbox offers users a virtual world to buy and sell properties. In addition, lot owners can influence decisions about the platform’s future due to a governance token. Also, in The Sandbox, visitors must first choose an avatar to represent them in the virtual world.

With it, you can explore the virtual world and take advantage of the offers offered in the different terrains of The Sandbox. Each parcel of land in The Sandbox is represented by a unique token.

Also, wearables for the avatars can be purchased with the $SAND token and therefore used in the virtual world of The Sandbox. The NFTs $SAND Token and The Sandbox are among the cryptos that have achieved the best results on public exchanges in recent years.

As the land supply in THE Sandbox is limited, NFTs have an excellent chance of multiplying in value over the next few years. The platform is now so popular that it has the same number of users as Minecraft and other popular games.

BudBlockz ($BLUNT)

Budblockz is the first decentralized online eCommerce platform for cannabis enthusiasts to access global cannabis markets securely and privately.

Budblockz is planning to launch a Metaverse network targeting marijuana consumers. The platform aims to bring users everything they want and need to do. 

From gaming to networking, finding different dispensaries worldwide, and obtaining cannabis-related products and accessories, members have much to look forward to within the community.

Users can be fully part of the experience; they can cultivate and monetize their weed farms or show off their latest Ganja Guruz NFTs. Also, they can hop on Budblockz Arcade to explore an exciting collage of the best games from the late 90s classics.

Budblockz is one of the most promising blockchains and cryptocurrency projects in 2023 and beyond. As a result, the ongoing presale is an excellent opportunity for investors to make over 100x their investment. 

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