Best Meme Coin Presales This May: Why Invest in Big Eyes Coin?


It’s presale season on planet crypto, and crypto communities are always on the lookout for the best presales to invest in and ride that hype train to the bank. So what are the best meme coin presales going on right now?

Big Eyes Coin And Other Best Meme Coin Presales:

Some of the best meme coin presales crypto communities are talking about right now are Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), AiDoge (AI), and of course Big Eyes Coin (BIG); this cute kitty took crypto communities by storm with its presale and after raising over $35 million, BIG is wrapping up its presale on June 3rd. However, to repay its community for their support, Big Eyes Coin is reverting its prices to its stage 3 price which is $0.00017 per token for the remainder of its presales last month.

Big Eyes Coin: Felie Furry Fury

Big Eyes Coin is a cat-themed meme coin in a world teeming with dogs and frogs, and although “cute is currency”, it’s more than just that. After it releases on June 15th, BIG is going to be a usable token with a functional ecosystem around it with play-to-earn games and an NFT collection.

Big Eyes, the project’s mascot, has a fascinating story of his journey from the USA to Japan and how comes to terms with others’ perceptions of him and decides to use this cuteness to educate humanity on the importance of the world’s oceans. The story connects multiple aspects of the project together, such as the strong Japanese influence on the art style, the focus on community, and BIG’s dedication to charity work that benefits the ocean, animals, and trees, because what does a cat love more than eating fish, climbing trees, and playing with other animals?

Community is Big Eyes Coin’s primary concern, after all, it’s the community that made this one of the best meme coin presales by raising all those millions and it’s the community that will help the project reach its full potential after launch. And BIG repays that dedication by giving the community control of 90% of the token supply thus allowing members to govern and direct the project. Additionally, BIG boasts zero tax on buying and selling which is another way to incentivize and reward the community for their support.

Who Is Big Eyes Coin For?

We expect that Big Eyes Coin will appeal the most to young people, aficionados of crypto and Japanese culture, and of course, seasoned investors who know potential when they see it. And Big Eyes Coin has got lots of potential for those who know how to look for it, As it managed to distinguish itself amongst hundreds of meme coins on the market right now, and where other meme coins are often copycats of Dogecoin, Big Eyes is his own cat.

Two of the biggest features that will follow the launch are the casino and the NFT collection. The Big Eyes Coin Casino will be open for business on August 23rd and it will make P2E games available for holders of $BIG; in fulfillment of Big Eyes Coin’s message that crypto should be fun and engaging rather than an overly-serious business affair. Because Crypto is the currency of the future and we don’t want the future to be boring, would we?

If you’re a crypto enthusiast looking for a ripe opportunity to grasp, consider investing in one of the best meme coin presales, as the prices are lower, the potential profit is larger, and the risk is minimal. Right now, Big Eyes Coin is doing a double sale, a sale during the presale, which means that $BIG holders have nowhere to go but up. And that’s what makes presales lucrative for seasoned investors.

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