Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2022

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We live in a digital world where our lives are gradually transferring to nonphysical means in every possible way. That includes our monetary status as well. In 2022, we will experience the rise of many cryptocurrencies while others might fall hard. This raises the question regarding what are the best altcoins to buy in such times. To ensure your crypto investments remain secure, protected, and reaching for the skies rather than wait for the rise again, we have something for you. We have kept a keen eye on some of the most influential and growing crypto coins and tokens that can help you sustain in the crypto competition and come out atop. Following is the list of the 10 best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.


First on the list of top 10 altcoins to buy is Solana. Unlike many other renowned cryptocurrencies, Solana is rather new given it was launched only in March 2020. Going by the currency SOL, Solana comes with smart contact functionality and is a publically available blockchain entity. In comparison, it aims to go above and beyond Ethereum while ensuring lower costs, faster transactions, and bringing revolution to the world of cryptocurrencies. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland and the coin currently has a market cap of over $33 billion running on a hybrid mechanism to offer security and speed.

Telebets Token

If you’re wondering whether such a crypto entity exists in 2022 that offers you rewards in the shape of tokens for playing games, you’re in for a real treat. In this diverse market of cryptocurrencies, Telebets offers a platform for Telegram channels and the gaming entertainment industry to connect and grow hand-in-hand. You make numerous attempts at the Telebets games and are rewarded with a fee for being a partner for all your gameplays. What makes Telebets’ token TLB so special and easily the best new altcoin in town is the top-tier mechanism used to protect the token from being the victim of price inflation. This ensures that the TLB tokens don’t become volatile allowing more users to hold their tokens for long periods. This makes it the best altcoin to buy today and 2022 is the year where crypto coins and tokens are palpable to skyrocketing. The TLB tokens are something everyone should keep an eye on.


Ranked in the top 15 cryptocurrencies in 2022, Polkadot is probably the best altcoin to trade for any crypto enthusiast. One of the biggest reasons why anyone should be taking it under consideration is its potential for the creation of the user’s blockchain while using the safe security measures provided by Polkadot. Gavin Wood, a founding body in the creation of Ethereum coined Polkadot as he had a varying perspective regarding the cryptocurrency and it soon reached the top list. As of now, the DOT’s value in March 2022, is $17.59.


Talk about a cryptocurrency that is open to exchanges with any currency type, XRP ensures to cater to all of that including fiat currencies as well. A project of Ripple, the gross settlement system, XRP is under prediction of high growth in the upcoming years in terms of crypto as well as in 2022. If you’re looking forward to investing in a scalable payment with one of the least costly fees, XRP is the best altcoin to buy and premium choice for you. Putting a cherry on top, its intrinsic value is plausible and worth investing in more than other cryptocurrencies. XRP enjoys a market cap of over $37 billion with more than 12600% growth since the start of 2017.


Owning a market cap of over just $33 billion, Cardano launched back in 2017 and has had significant yet consistent growth over the years. In some ways, Cardano is similar to Ethereum including the ability to develop or build dApps as well as instigate smart contracts. Unlike many other platforms that require transaction verification, Cardano provides a proof-of-stake validation method. Its coin, ADA, had a value of only $0.02 in 2017 and has reached a notable value of $.99 as of 1st March 2022. For someone who is looking to buy the best cheap altcoins to buy for long-term benefits and prosperity, Cardano is the best choice for them.


In many cases, enterprises tend to feel time-restricted when it comes to large transactions. To make such issues quicker, safer, and instantaneous, Jed McCaleb launched Stellar, having a native currency called Lumens (XLM). Stellar is by far the best altcoin to day trade as it makes large transactions a piece of cake and also saves you hefty fees as well. With its cross-border transaction potential between any currencies, it safely makes it to the top-tier list of altcoins to buy in 2022. Its market cap has reached $4.4 billion. 

Binance Coin

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency that’s a whole package allowing you to trade, make travel booking arrangements, do payment processing, and also exchange with other cryptocurrencies, Binance Coin is the best altcoin today that anyone can opt for. Ever since its launch in 2017, it has seen nothing but exponential growth. Its whopping 410000% increase in value is a surefire expression of why this is one of the best altcoin to buy now!


The birth of Dogecoin was nothing as serious as where it is now. What was started as a joke has become an infamous cryptocurrency in 2022. It is an open-source cryptocurrency owned and developed by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. When launched, it had a value of $0.10 and wasn’t taken seriously at first. However, back in 2019, when Space X owner, Elon Musk made a tweet regarding the positive affirmation and anticipation for its growth, Dogecoin started being taken seriously and coined itself as an authentic cryptocurrency having a market cap of $15.7 billion in March 2022. As of now, it’s probably the only legitimate cheapest altcoin any crypto enthusiast could trade and buy.


At this point, it feels like almost every other token or cryptocurrency has started to compare itself to Ethereum and opting to topple over it. Ethereum is more than merely a cryptocurrency as of now and is considered to be an entire blockchain platform on its own. It would be unfair if it weren’t added to the list of best altcoins to buy apart from BTC. Due to its diverse applications, program developers as well as many investors have directed them towards Ethereum over the past few years. This is one of the biggest reasons for the astronomical growth of Ethereum from a tiny value of $11 to a whopping $3000 from April 2016 to March 2022’s start. Its applications include the automatic execution of smart contracts and NFTs. Ethereum has a market cap of over $361 billion. So if you’re wondering which altcoins to buy this week, Ethereum easily enjoys the top tier list for it.

Avalanche AVAX

If you’re familiar with a relatively new cryptocurrency Cardano and world-renowned Ethereum, chances are you’ve heard of Avalanche as well. Using this blockchain platform, a user is facilitated with the opportunity of smart contracts creation and execution. It is written using top-tier programming languages that include Python, Go, and JavaScript but that’s not what makes it shine bright. With Avalanche, you need not pay a hefty fee making it an excellent payment platform with low time delay or latency. In just less than a year, its price went up 1840% to $89.84 from a mere $4.63 making it one of the best altcoins today in the market.

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