Best Cryptocurrencies For Staking 2023: Lido DAO, Everlodge (ELDG) And Kusama (KSM)


Staking cryptocurrency can be extremely lucrative. In 2023 it can be used to produce several passive income streams, with some projects offering returns of over 10%. But what projects are best for staking?

Three popular options are Lido DAO and Kusama, both of which offer strong returns. At the same time, Everlodge, a new DeFi property marketplace, is expected to become a top staking option when its presale begins. Here’s how the three compare.

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Everlodge Offers Several Passive Income Opportunities

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The excitement around the Everlodge presale is building. Set to begin in 2023, investors will be able to profit from a number of passive income options as well as build a property portfolio without significant upfront costs.

Everlodge’s marketplace will let investors purchase fractional shares in luxury villas, hotels, and vacation homes on the blockchain. By offering fractions, investors can get involved without needing a seven-figure fund. For example, they can buy an NFT representing a 10% share in a $1 million property for just $100,000.

As well as buying a stake in current properties, investors will be able to fund new property developments. In the process, they can generate a passive income from price increases.

Alternatively, Everlodge users can build a passive income as part of the Everlodge members club. As a member, investors will earn free stays at properties within the Everlodge ecosystem. These stays can be sold using the Everlodge platform or through third-party platforms. This allows investors to generate a passive income.

Everlodge (ELDG) token holders will be able to stake their tokens once the presale ends. Tokens will increase from $0.01 to $0.035 during the Everlodge presale. Once finished, experts believe tokens could surge an additional 30x, offering great returns for investors who get involved early.

Lido DAO Makes Staking Easy

Lido DAO provides a staking infrastructure for a number of blockchain networks. Its most important feature is liquid staking for Ethereum. This option lets investors stake ETH to receive stETH (Lido staked ETH) tokens in exchange.

Lido DAO offers great security for investors looking to stake cryptocurrency. Lido DAO is regularly audited by third-party security firms to identify risks, ensuring staking is as safe as possible.

Lido DAO uses LDO as its governance token. LDO holders can vote on governance proposals in the Lido DAO ecosystem. These proposals include new integrations, platform updates, and changes to the board. Using these features, Lido DAO token holders can dictate the future of the Lido DAO ecosystem.

Kusama Provides A Great Staking Alternative

Kusama is a popular staking option due to its low barrier to entry. To stake Kusama, investors need to stake $0.1 Kusama, which equals $0.23 at the time of writing. The APY on staked Kusama is 16.15%, which is relatively high compared to many other options in the market.

Over the last 5 days, Kusama’s value has increased by 2.09%, which will increase the rewards stakers receive. With a low barrier to entry, experts state that Kusama is an easy way to get involved in crypto staking without needing to risk a significant amount of funds. However, Lido DAO and Everlodge could offer higher returns than Kusama, given their potential to influence the market.

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