Best Bonus Bets MI & Enhanced Betting Odds 2023: Top 3 Michigan Oddsboosts

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From enhanced betting odds to welcome offers, bettors in the Great Lakes State of Michigan are spoiled for bonuses, boosts, and more at the top online sportsbooks. This article covers the top sites to visit, along with some of the bonuses to expect. You can start by exploring the exclusive SI Sportsbook bonus here today using the code SI200.

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The best sports betting with bonus bets in Michigan

Some sites rank higher than others when providing bonus bets and free bets to their Michigan members. Check out the top ones below.

SI Sportsbook Offers new player deals
BetRivers Offers live and streaming sporting events
PointsBet Offers Made for You betting area

Compare Michigan sports betting sites for the best offers

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Deciding where to go to pick up the best offers is easier to do when you can compare the top sites. You’ve got all the basic info you need right here.

Sportsbook Name Best For Bonus Offer Odds Info
SI Sportsbook Offers new player deals Exclusive new player bonus with the code SI200 Competitive odds, latest odds offered in Bet Feed
BetRivers Live streaming of matches 100% bonus bet for newcomers House Specials and good odds across all sports
PointsBet Mobile apps for Android and iOS 5 x bonus bets for losing wager, $100 limit per wager, spread over five days Competitive odds across all sporting events

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Improve your chance of winning money by betting with the best odds

Knowing how to use a Michigan sportsbook will help you boost your chances of winning money with your next set of wagers.

How to collect your bonus bets at a sportsbook

If you are new to the sportsbook, you might see a bonus bets offer on the homepage. If not, check the promotions area. The site usually links this from the main menu. You can then read the small print regarding a bonus bet offer. Make sure you understand how it works before claiming it.

How to spot the best odds before you bet

If you’re looking to bet on a match or game, check the odds across two or three sportsbooks first. This will reveal which site offers the best odds. Even a slight difference could be markedly better if you win. Look for specials too, as these can boost the odds that might otherwise be less impressive. You can often find specials relating to current events or forthcoming occasions that are popular among bettors.

Can you make a wager without depositing?

Some sportsbooks offer welcome deals, but most of those ask for a deposit. You may be able to find a no-sweat bet offer, however. This means you can make a bet and receive another one if your first one loses. In some cases, a sportsbook might offer a bonus bet if your first bet wins. Read the details to find out how each deal works as there can be differences between them.

Where to get the best bonus bets and enhanced betting odds in Michigan

The Great Lakes State is flowing with sportsbook bonuses for sports fans to claim. Discover the websites you can choose from when you are looking for deals like these.

SI Sportsbook is a market leader in Michigan

When you arrive at SI Sportsbook, you’ll see plenty of information about what’s happening in the world of sports across the US and beyond. Coverage of top sports around the world is easy to keep track of, no matter which sport you love the most.

While the site offers all the details you would expect on matches, events, sports, and betting, you won’t lose your way. They’ve allocated a ball or image to each sport, whether that’s a badge or logo, to make it easily identifiable. The live area is teeming with information too, but you can quickly get to your preferred sport and find the live events and updated odds when you’re ready.

The site design works with no issues, and you’ll navigate it easily whether you are on a mobile screen or a computer. There’s plenty of information and changing odds to view before you decide to open an account – they don’t hide anything behind a login screen. There’s an exclusive bonus offer to collect too if you want to join SI Sportsbook – claim it today using the code SI200.

Top features to find at SI Sportsbook

  • Popular sports
  • Bet on live events
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Mobile friendly

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Next up in the top 3 sports betting sites: BetRivers

The site design at BetRivers differs from what you may have seen elsewhere. Key sports appear in a strip near the top of the site for quick access. Meanwhile, the sports, leagues, and events grabbing the headlines just now all appear on the left of your screen, saving you time in finding them.

The streaming area highlights relevant sports and provides tips and stats to help guide you toward the bets that are worth making. The featured area is one to check on whenever you visit as well, as it provides the top picks featured across each of the most popular sports at the sportsbook.

Many bettors will head for the live area, where it’s possible to keep track of the scores and the latest odds with the help of their color-coded grid. You can watch for a while to see how it works, before considering placing a live bet.

Highlights to expect at BetRivers

  • Bonus bet for newbies
  • Featured events and odds
  • Most popular links in one place
  • League and team search

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PointsBet is third on the list of recommendations

PointsBet achieves what every sports bettor hopes to see – a website design that lays out all the important info without cluttering the screen. Even on your first visit, you’ll be moving around and finding your favorite sports to see what odds you can bet on.

When you access a sport, all the live events appear at the top of the page. You can then go further down the page to find upcoming ones too. The website is fully licensed and requires all members to confirm their location in Michigan via the Player Location Check. It’s quick to complete, so you can get on with placing wagers after that.

When you’re looking for promotions and bonus bets, you can head for the flaming promo logo to find them. They’re split between sections to give you faster access to the ones you want to see. Access to other parts of the sportsbook comes via the burger icon at the top of the site. That’s where you’ll find access to a parlay builder, popular leagues, and featured sports.

They even have a unique Points Betting system, where your winning amount isn’t just decided on whether you’re right or not, but instead by how much. Every point or goal is important here, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end of the game. While they might not have any free sports betting for Michigan fans, they might have the next best thing.

Advantages of betting at PointsBet

  • Promos for old and new members
  • Live betting
  • Featured and live events
  • See what’s coming next

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How to select new sportsbook operators in Michigan

Michigan welcomes licensed providers to offer sportsbook services online. This puts Michigan residents (and other US residents within state borders) in a position to bet on plenty of sporting events. Read on to find out how you can choose a sportsbook operator that will bring you the experience you’re looking for.

Consider the range of betting markets on offer

The more the merrier here, as you’ll want to find a range of options for each sport. A sportsbook should offer hundreds of markets to give you the widest array of bets to think about. There should be multiple betting options with each one too.

For example, a futures bet lets you place a wager on the player or team you think will win an event. The futures market for the World Cup would include odds for each participating team before the event begins. If you think about tennis and Wimbledon, the most famous Grand Slam of all, the futures market gives odds on each player to win the tournament. Since 128 players start the event, you’ll see 128 options with attached odds before the event begins.

It’s most important for you to check the markets in the sports you are most likely to bet on. Some events, such as the Super Bowl, might attract bets from those who don’t usually follow the sport. Other than that, focus on your favorites.

Can you claim odds boosts in MI?

You can check the sportsbook promotions area to determine whether they have any odds boosts available just now. Be aware though that some operators send targeted bonuses to members via email on occasion. It could also be that you do not see odds boosts every day, but they might pop up occasionally, so be aware of that possibility. This is noticeable when a popular sports league or tournament is coming up soon, so stay alert for the starting dates for sporting events in your preferred area of interest.

It’s wise to compare sportsbooks for the latest odds boosts, so you can see whether one tends to offer more possibilities in this area than another. Look out for things like:

  • House Specials
  • Exclusive offers
  • Members only offers

Look at the payout potential and available odds

Most sportsbooks are similar in terms of the odds on offer, although you will notice differences between them. It works well to watch the odds you can get at two or more sportsbooks over a few days if you can. You’ll learn whether one sportsbook offers better odds than another for your preferred sports. Take notes to compare them, so you can refer back once you have a pattern to go on.

Drill down into the betting markets too, as you may notice one sportsbook is better at offering competitive futures wagers, yet not as good at offering live betting options that compare well with other sites. Gauging the possibilities before you sign up will make it easier for you to get the most out of your chosen website, especially if you prefer certain betting markets over others.

Can you download a sportsbook app?

Some sportsbooks provide links to Google Play and the App Store on their website, and they’re easy to find. Others provide no information at all, so you may have an easier time spotting apps for one sportsbook over another.

While you can place your wager while logged into your account on a computer, you may find it more convenient to bet on a mobile device. You can visit the relevant store to download an app for an iPhone or iPad or to get the appropriate one for your Android device if you would like to test this method. If you do this, make sure you download the app that is relevant for Michigan, as there could be variations depending on the sportsbook you intend to use. You may need to confirm your location.

Search for these features on all sportsbook sites

Your favorite sportsbook should provide you with certain features and services without question. The following list provides you with further details about the most important ones to look for.

Is the operator licensed to operate in Michigan?

A reputable site should provide confirmation of a license approved and issued by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The details are usually displayed at the bottom of the site, below any menu options that might be there. You can download a list of approved providers from that site, to confirm the sportsbook you’ve found is on there.

Is the website straightforward to explore and use?

Trying to navigate a complicated sportsbook can deter you from using it altogether. While sportsbooks have a lot of information to share, organizing it in a logical manner goes a long way toward helping bettors find what they need. Check whether the sportsbook you’re visiting has managed to do this.

Do they offer bonus bets in Michigan?

Bonus bets often crop up as welcome bonuses. You should find details on the relevant website if you would like to claim something along these lines.

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Can you take advantage of enhanced odds?

Enhanced odds are those that a bookie provides for its bettors on certain events or occasions. You might also see them described as odds boosts, so look for that term as well.

Do they offer customer support features?

Look for features including live chat, availability of phone numbers, and an online helpdesk or hub. These features speed up the process of finding the answers you’re searching for.

How can you deposit funds or withdraw winnings?

Can you use one method for both purposes? Does the sportsbook offer a host of banking options to choose from? Look for information about any potential fees and how long you might need to wait to receive a payout, too.

Is there a wide-ranging collection of sports to bet on?

You always want to see the most popular ones, but it’s good to find coverage of other sports as well, particularly if you like to occasionally expand your betting options. If you have a favorite sport, make sure the sportsbook has a good range of betting markets provided, covering everything from live betting to futures.

Does the sportsbook include fair terms for its members?

No one wants to read the terms and conditions on any website, but it’s one of the most important things you can do. They’ll tell you whether the sportsbook is fair regarding odds, payouts, offers, and all other aspects of the site.

Get ready for some bonus sports betting in Michigan

Starting your time with a sportsbook by using a bonus is an experience you’ll want to get the most out of. Michigan is fortunate to play host to several online sportsbooks, so you have several chances of finding a welcome bonus along with other bonuses designed for existing players to use.

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How do you get bonus bets?

You can find bonus bets at online sportsbooks for Michigan and other US states that allow sports betting online. Look on their homepage for a welcome bonus and check the promotions area too. You’ll see how this works by visiting SI Sportsbook and going through to their promo page. If you’re lucky, you might even find a Free Bet Bonus exclusive to Michigan.

Do you need to use a sportsbook bonus code?

Some offers require bettors to use a bonus code to claim them, but this does not apply across the board. In some cases, you do not need a code. The way to find out is to read the information about each offer, to determine whether a coupon is mentioned there, and if so, what that coupon says.

What is the best Michigan sportsbook?

SI Sportsbook comes top of the pile, thanks to its exclusive bonus for newcomers signing up with the bonus coupon SI200. It also provides odds that compare well with other Michigan sportsbooks, along with a range of the most popular sports, and a website that’s easy to use.


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