Best Altcoins For Online Casinos & Sports Betting In 2023

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If you focus solely on the world of cryptocurrency, you are likely going to find that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of choice for many people and businesses. However, they aren’t the only choice, although they are the biggest, because there are plenty of smaller coins out there in the world that are just as good at Bitcoin.

These coins, called altcoins, are able to be used in cryptocurrency wallets just like Bitcoin and can be used to trade, buy, bet, and sell items. If you want to get into the world of sports betting and cryptocurrency gambling, then here are some of the best cryptocurrency altcoins that you need to try out.

Can You Use Altcoins Reliably?

With the large numbers of altcoins on the rise as well as the prevalence of Bitcoin, you can be excused for wondering if the altcoins are just as good as Bitcoin. Well, there are plenty of places that accept all sorts of altcoins, and as long as your casino or sports betting area accepts these coins, you are good to go.

You can even browse cryptocurrency casinos by altcoin to make sure that your currency of choice is accepted before you ever start placing your first bet! Here are some of the most prominent altcoins you can work with.


Now this may or may not be a true altcoin as it is quite popular and right up there with bitcoin in terms of usability. Some people think of ethereum as a cryptocurrency that is 100% different from bitcoin and others lump the two together because they are both so popular. Rather than being a decentralized currency like bitcoin, ethereum is a network where people host blockchains that make most coins possible.

Binance Coin

Binanace coin is a coin that is typically used for trading on the Binance exchange, but also has a lot of other practical uses as well. With a market cap of $47 billion dollars, it is a good coin to use if you like trading and betting, but this coin is much more centralized than other cryptocurrency options.


This was the first ‘meme coin’, as it was a piece of cryptocurrency that was originally created as a joke and spawned thousands of imitators looking for some internet fame and a quick buck, However, unlike the imitations, this coin managed to survive and acquire some very large backers and it has become a true coin in its own right.

Many people use it and the coin is an up and coming star in the world of cryptocurrency, but even the CEO of Dogecoin acknowledges the risk of using the coin. It is still quite volatile and prone to massive lows and highs, but if you like that risk it can be a great coin to use for gambling.

Do Your Research Into Altcoins

It can be very easy to pick an altcoin and get right into placing bets and testing your luck, but you should do your research on the coins you are picking. These coins are often riskier to use and harder to get than Bitcoin, so make sure you understand how they work and how you can best use them whenever you start betting them on high stakes.

Then you can pick your currency of choice, load up your digital wallet, and then start making some serious bets on your favorite casino games and sports teams. Whether you win, lose, or break even, you will find that with the right altcoin you will at least be having fun while you play!


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