Beosin:More than 17 typical security incidents Occurred in January 2022

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It’s time for another monthly security recap! BEOSIN Eagle Eye has reported over 17 typical security incidents in January 2022. On the whole, the overall number of security incidents has slightly decreased compared to last December.


There was 1 typical security incident

№1 LCX exchange tweeted that it was hacked by a security attack and the total loss value may exceed $6 million.


There were 9 typical security incidents

№1 Tinyman Pools was hacked due to an unknown vulnerability that allows attackers to withdraw assets from unauthorized pools.

№2 StoboxCompany, a digital asset provider, suffered a hack that resulted in private key compromise, causing the price dropped -96.93%.

№3 DefiDollar said that a potential vulnerability was found in the DUSD contract.

№4 Sports NFT platform Lympo was hacked, and lost $18.7 million worth of LMT tokens.

№5 CityDAO Discord admin account has been hacked and $95,000 worth of ETH funds have been stolen.

№6 The vulnerability of Crypto Burger’s token BURG contract is being exploited.

№7 Some accounts were hacked on January 18 and lost at least $15 million.

№8 Crosswise, a decentralized exchange platform was hacked and lost about $879,000.

№9 Qubit is suspected to have been hacked, with hackers minting large amounts of xETH collateral and drained approximately $80 million in assets from the pool.

Rug pulls/crypto scams

There were 4 typical security incidents

№1 MakerDAO’s founder said on January 8 that Terra’s stablecoin UST and another secured stablecoin MIM are “Ponzi schemes”.

№2 A Bitcoin user claims to have been scammed out of $1.14 million by cybercriminals posing as MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor.

№3 Xuzhou Public Security Bureau in China cracked a theft of virtual currency case,involving more than 5 million RMB.

№4 On January 24, some known encrypted YouTube accounts have been hacked and fraudulent videos were posted.

Ransomware/Mining Trojans

There was 1 typical security incident

№1 A local resident of the Russian republic of Komi was convicted of electricity theft for operating an underground crypto-mine that was illegally connected to a nearby substation.


There were 2 typical security incidents

№1 Solana went down again at on January 4th. Users from the official Telegram community claimed that attackers were suspected of using spam to conduct DDoS attacks.

№2 A vulnerability exists in OpenSea, which allows hackers to snatch rare NFTs from owners at prices well below market value.

In view of the current new situation in the blockchain security field, BEOSIN hereby summarizes:

In general, the number of blockchain security incidents in January 2022 has decreased compared to December last year, but the overall number of security incidents in the DeFi field is still at a high-risk level. It is still important for project parties to discover and solve such incidents immediately to avoid serious losses.




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