BeNFT: The revolutionary platform that’s transforming education with blockchain and NFTs

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BeNFT is a learning platform that uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to provide personalized learning experiences and recurring revenue opportunities.

With its Learn engine, BeNFT provides an educational and immersive environment for students to collaborate and learn at all times. In addition, the platform integrates DeFi features, such as NFTs, NFEs and SBTs, which enable learners to demonstrate their skills and acquire verifiable credentials for potential employers and investors.

In this article, we explore how BeNFT is changing the traditional model of education and how its innovative approach is solving today’s challenges in the job market.

How is BeNFT changing the traditional model of online education?

BeNFT presents an innovative solution to address current problems in the field of education. Through the combination of blockchain technology and NFT, this platform seeks to close the existing gap in job skills that limit economic growth.

Indeed, the mismatch between the skills required by companies and the skills of candidates is due to various factors, such as automation and globalization.

BeNFT’s platform focuses on generating opportunities for collaboration and partnership to enhance learning and skills development, making it a leading option in the education market.

What are the advantages offered by BeNFT?

BeNFT has a revenue model that is based on subscription fees, transaction fees and revenue sharing with content creators. Users who subscribe to the platform have access to customized courses and transaction fees apply to the sale of unique digital assets.

In addition, BeNFT enables content creators to monetize their material and offers partnership and collaboration opportunities with other organizations to create new revenue streams. BeNFT has great revenue potential and is uniquely positioned to lead the market for personalized, immersive education.

The most expected TGE to invest in 2023.

On May 18, 2023, BeNFT Solutions will hold its TGE, which is expected to be the largest of the year. BeNFT has an ecosystem based on a dual token model with $BEAI as a native token and xBEAI as a utility token.

This is generating a lot of buzz among investors and fans across the crypto world. During the TGE, investors will have the opportunity to purchase $BeAI tokens, which will grant them a stake in the BeNFT platform, and thus, enjoy long-term growth prospects.

In addition to this, investors will also have the opportunity to obtain exclusive NFT tokens and other unique digital assets that can be used on BeNFT’s platform. BeNFT’s TGE is a unique opportunity to invest in an innovative learning platform and be part of its long-term success.

Limited supply of tokens and multiple utilities.

With only 1 billion tokens in circulation, the limited supply of tokens can increase demand and thus the long-term value of the token. In addition, $BEAI holders can benefit from incredible staking rewards, which increases demand for the token.

The platform also integrates multiple utilities, such as selling unique digital assets and monetizing content on the platform, which can provide new revenue streams for content creators and partner organizations.

Incredible staking rewards.

Holders of $BEAI can benefit from incredible staking rewards, which increases demand for the token. In addition, the platform also offers recurring earning opportunities through the sale of unique digital assets and monetization of content on the platform.

Stay up to date.

To keep up to date with the latest news and developments from BeNFT, you can join their community at Discord and follow Twitter. The Discord server is an active community where enthusiasts and the BeNFT team exchange news, ideas and discuss the future of the platform and the project’s Twitter feed provides the most relevant information on the latest updates.

To conclude.

BeNFT is positioned as a leader in the education market and offers multiple revenue opportunities for its users. The largest TGE of the year will be held at BeNFT on May 18, and its focus on collaboration and community has created a global community that fosters learning, growth and success in the digital age.

BeNFT’s vision is to transform e-learning and digital asset management through an innovative and engaging platform. Its values include accessibility, innovation, engagement, security and community.

Contract address:

Total supply: 7,000,000

Initial price: $0.5 USDT

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