Ben Armstrong’s Emotional Confession: The Turmoil Inside BitBoy Crypto

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The digital realm buzzed with shock as Ben Armstrong, the face of BitBoy Crypto, issued a heartfelt video apology after his unexpected exit from the company.

Ben’s Admission and Commitment to BitBoy

In a touching moment, Armstrong, with his wife Bethany by his side, addressed the allegations surrounding his removal from BitBoy Crypto. While he refuted claims of drug abuse, specifically cocaine and methamphetamines, he did confess to using diet pills and steroids. This misuse, he claims, caused erratic behavior.

A more personal confession followed. Armstrong admitted to infidelity, a revelation contradictory to his public image as a dedicated family man. But in a display of unity, Bethany confirmed her forgiveness and her unwavering commitment to their relationship.

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Despite the initial shock, Armstrong affirmed his dedication to righting the wrongs. Unaware of these revelations, he wanted to collaborate with the Hit Network, ensuring BitBoy Crypto’s future.

Ripple Effects in the Crypto Sphere

The crypto community watched on as Armstrong’s departure unfolded. He acknowledged the potential legal avenues available to him. Yet, he has chosen collaboration over conflict, aiming to fortify and expand BitBoy Crypto.

Armstrong spotlighted various sub-brands within the BitBoy Crypto umbrella: Voomio, Bit Boy Academy, Crucial Crypto, and Hit Network. Even with a current downturn in the non-fungible token (NFT) market, Armstrong’s confidence remains unshaken. He particularly noted Voomio’s promising potential in the NFT domain.

On Aug. 29, BitBoy Crypto saw a seismic shift. Armstrong, its founder, split from the parent entity, Hit Network. This division allegedly stemmed from internal tensions with partners TJ Shedd and Justin Williams.

Rumors and Speculations

While personal issues seemingly catalyzed Armstrong’s exit, not all are convinced. Crypto investigator ZachXBT probed deeper, highlighting Armstrong’s affiliations with controversial meme coins.

Armstrong’s promotional methods have faced scrutiny. Critics argue he pushed unstable crypto investments on novice investors through affiliate links. There are also claims of him selling tokens post-promotion.

The ripples continued with concerns about Armstrong’s cryptocurrency, BEN. While speculations of its downfall swirl, Armstrong remains optimistic.

However, the uphill battle ahead is undeniable. Armstrong must confront and rectify the growing sentiment accusing him of dubious promotional activities.

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