Bella Protocol Announces Bella Virtuoso


With the exponential growth of DeFi also came challenges in DeFi asset management such as high gas, low throughputs, lack of liquidity, and high impermanent losses when providing liquidity pairs on protocols and decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap V3. 

As a potential solution to these challenges, Bella Protocol — the decentralized platform simplifying DeFi asset management — has announced the launch of the next phase of the protocol dubbed Bella Virtuoso. 

Bella is a DeFi project working toward one-click crypto banking, and it has developed a suite of innovative DeFi products, such as Bella Flex Savings and smart liquidity mining tool, that allow users to deposit assets and enjoy high yields with automated strategies. 

The project was well received by the market and has seen substantial success so far. To further enhance the growth of the project and to realize its long-term vision, Bella announced the next phase of the protocol – Bella Virtuoso. 

Bella Virtuoso is a permissionless and decentralized asset management platform that connects investors with the best liquidity-providing (LP) strategies on Uniswap V3 to help them yield higher. The developers have also built out Tuner Simulator, a Uniswap V3 simulator to backtest the liquidity provision strategies. The goal of the asset management platform is to have multiple investment strategies to cater to investors with varying risk appetites. Investors can simply browse through the various available strategies and choose the one that suits them best, which eventually saves them time, energy, and the hassle of adjusting the price band from time to time.

“We are more bullish on the future of DeFi than ever.” says Felix Xu, Co-founder and CEO at Bella Protocol, “Everyone will be able to have fair access to financial products and premier asset management services and tools. Uniswap V3 offers a phenomenal tool for everyone to contribute to all supported tokens and crypto assets and earn a fair reward. By building on Uniswap V3 and creating the Tuner Simulator, we are leveraging its numerous advantages such as capital efficiency, flexibility, and permissionlessness to help users tap into global opportunity and liquidity as well as strategies from top-notch asset managers. The future of asset management on DeFi will be much more professional and competitive than it is now, and we are here to lower the threshold for everyone. This is 100% aligned with our vision when we first started Bella Protocol.”

DeFi strategists and traders can use Bella Virtuoso to build attractive investment strategies for investors. Bella Virtuoso platform presents talented quant strategists to a wider investor audience. Strategists can take a commission from the profit generated, and with Tuner Simulator for Uniswap V3 strategists run near-to-perfect backtesting with on-chain historical data.

While the Bella Virtuoso V1 lets investors choose from pre-built strategies, the developers claim that V2 will come with features that let strategy composers customize their investment strategies to better suit their needs and connect them with befitting investors. V1 is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2022, with V3 planned for the third. 

With DeFi expected to become an $800B industry by 2022, an asset management system like Bella Protocol that makes investments easier could be a welcome windfall for the industry. The Bella Virtuoso update coming at the right time could further propel the growth of the project and bring in more users into the DeFi ecosystem.

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