Even a Beginner Can Create NFTs – Here’s How

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You have probably been seeing all your friends creating their own avatars for their social media pages and you are wishing that this is something you could do. After all, you are tired of the same old little icons people are using and you really want something that is totally you. Or perhaps you’ve seen your bestie make a few bucks creating NFT digital mythical creatures they listed on popular marketplaces for non-fungible token artwork, and you believe you are just as creative as they are. 

With time on your hands and little to fill it but social media, you are thinking that this is something you can easily do and have fun doing it. The only problem is, you couldn’t write code to save your life, but neither can your friend! So, how are they doing it? We’ll fill you in on a little not-so-secret secret right now. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of this yourself!

Look No Farther Than Your Favorite NFT Marketplace

One of the things you actually have been doing is watching various cryptocurrencies as they have been steadily gaining after a sluggish beginning of the month. With Ethereum, ETH, as the crypto that is most interesting to you, you have discovered that those little NFT avatars your friend is creating are based on Ethereum blockchain technology. Now you are really excited! Did you ever stop to look around a marketplace like the OKX website you visit frequently? If you look carefully, you will see a “create” button that will take you to the area where you can start an NFT account. That’s the first step! Now it’s time to start creating.

Open Your Favorite Graphics Program

You can really have so much fun at this point because you can become anyone you want to be. Whether you draw your inspiration from one of your favorite games or a movie you’ve loved enough to watch several dozen times or even a superhero you would love to be, this is where you give yourself that persona in the avatar you create. When working in your favorite graphics program, you don’t need to worry at this point about getting the size small enough. You can usually resize image files when uploading to Facebook or other social sites. If not, they will give you dimensional limits and you can go back into your graphics program to do the resizing. In fact, there are some avatar makers online that will help you discover the perfect size for the avatar you are creating.

No Code Necessary!

Once you are happy with your work of art, upload it to the “Create” page on that NFT site and follow directions from there. You won’t need to know any code because the software on the marketplace has their own proprietary platforms for you to use in turning that digital asset into an NFT. Once that is complete, you are now the proud creator and owner of your own unique avatar. Whether you choose to list it for sale or start all over again with one you would like to sell this time around is totally up to you. Now, wasn’t that fun?

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