BDC Consulting review – a closer look at the blockchain consulting agency


BDC Consulting is a blockchain consulting company specializing in top-notch crypto marketing services, crypto analysis, and a wide array of promotional activities for blockchain-related businesses.

BDC Consulting was founded back in 2011 and has been operating fully as a blockchain consulting company since 2017. Over 60 blockchain and crypto-related businesses have been helped by this Belarusian crypto marketing agency to establish and fine-tune in terms of marketing, reputation, and promotion.

Unlike other fellow agencies hailing from the Eastern bloc, BDC consulting successfully runs international marketing campaigns and promotes projects in 14 countries, including the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Japan, among others.

The cryptocurrency marketing company definitely has an eye for special talent – BDC people embody a total experience of 148 years in the digital sector. It’s also worth mentioning that in just one year, BDC Consulting team members have attended over 15 specialized conferences and completed around 40 training courses to keep a closer eye on the blockchain and crypto industry. 

BDC Consulting offers a wide spectrum of crypto marketing services

Main Competences:

The agency provides all kinds of digital marketing services for crypto projects, incorporating as many tools as possible to meet the global goal.

Understanding Insights – exclusive independent research on behalf of BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting has paved its way in crypto research and crypto market analysis by publishing resonant insights on hot industry topics and crypto intricacies. For instance, one of their latest publications touches profoundly on gender and helps to develop a better understanding of how women set off with crypto, the way they find the motivation to cope with it, and also tackles the trading types women usually gravitate towards most. On the emotional side, the “free spirit” surrounding crypto happens to positively impact womens’ independent economic and financial politics.

Another recent crypto research outlined by BDC Consulting conveys a deep reading on stablecoins, the reasons behind the sudden rise in their capitalization over the last 6-12 months, global stablecoin implementation plans in corporations, fresh innovations and startups incorporating them, and, last but not least, the dramas surrounding these crypto projects.

To get a taste of BDC consulting’s latest crypto insights, head over to this page

Next level analytics – introducing the BDC Consulting case studies

In crypto, case studies help us navigate the keys to the phenomenal success of some newcomer projects. So does BDC Consulting by shedding some light on some client scenarios that happened to have a revelatory effect in terms of the company’s personal experience.

The most recent case study published by BDC Consulting hints at their clients’ growth of $2,000,000 in token sales, increasing 8x in Telegram followers, and making 10,000% marketing ROI in terms of digital invisibility and brand anonymity of the client. BDC Consulting walks you through the main challenges and professional methods the team was subjected to in the process, the oddities of powering through some specific targeted GEOs and, as a result, building trust in regional communities of the project mentioned.

Another BDC case study suggests that skilled and guided SERM-management performance powerfully annihilates one’s personal reputation while helping them go +142% positive on their client end. You can check this particular case study for a better understanding of the tools that were used for completing the “reverse” reputational campaign.

Multifaceted skills topped by the immaculate expertise of it’s team members make BDC Consulting a go-to crypto marketing agency in 2021 – whether you need a blockchain consultation service or a cryptocurrency strategy inquiry. With their intuitive and wittily-guided website, BDC Consulting welcomes new clients aspiring to promote their blockchain/FinTech or crypto products to work around the clock for their success.

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