Basic Attention Token Price Surges As Bithumb Confirms Trading Market

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It seems trouble in brewing in the cryptocurrency industry once again. Virtually all top currencies are bleeding value after another wave of bearish momentum is intent on keeping the Bitcoin price down. This usually does not bode well for major cryptocurrencies whatsoever, although the Basic Attention Token price is still going strong, for some reason.

Basic Attention Token Price Remain Bullish

One would expect the falling Bitcoin price to drag every single cryptocurrency with it. After all, that is what happened just a few days ago, and it left a lingering mark on the industry as a whole. For the Basic Attention Token price, it has also caused some disruption, although its value is still going quite strong. There is even an uptrend to be noted at this time, which is pretty different from all other currencies.

Over the past 24 hours, the BAT price has risen by 5.5% in USD value, 7% in BTC value, and it gained 9.3% over Ethereum. All of these statistics are impressive in their own right, although the major selling point is how this is happening while other currencies are crumbling once again. This further shows the token is still in high demand, although its $10.5m trading volume may not necessarily reflect that.

On social media, there is plenty of talk about the current Basic Attention Token trend. Bobo would like to see Brave focus its attention on porn to boost adoption of the BAT token and Brave browser. How that should be done exactly, is difficult to gauge, although it would certainly introduce more use cases for the token itself. Regardless of how one feels about adult content, porn equals attention and eyeballs.

Bithumb has confirmed they will begin trading Basic Attention Token and Midas Touch Gold later today. As has been the case throughout most of 2018, South Korean exchanges can heavily inflate the price of any currency being listed on the platform. This should have a positive effect on BAT as well, although nothing has been set in stone at this time.

For Damon, it is very easy to explain cryptocurrency investing to novice enthusiasts. Simply buy the tokens and assets found on Coinbase and ignore everything else. While there is certainly some merit to this statement, it is never a good idea to just focus on what everybody else is doing. After all, holders will try to liquidate assets when the profit is too good to ignore.

With all of this information in mind, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Basic Attention Token. Its current price is much lower than speculators would like to see, yet pushing through to $0.2 is a steep uphill battle. Now that Bitcoin is turning full-on bearish again, it may be a matter of time until BAT hits $0.15, rather than rise in value.

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