Base – Coinbase’s Layer-2 Network Is Almost Ready For Launch

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As we trace the trajectory of Base, the highly anticipated layer-2 network initiated by Coinbase, it becomes evident that the network is systematically progressing along its outlined roadmap, preparing for a seamless transition to mainnet.

On May 24, the Base team unveiled its specific launch criteria, underlining its commitment to deploying a robust, secure, and stable network. The principle philosophy of Base echoes a stern focus on safety and security, readying its platform for the pivotal mainnet transition.

While there have been clear clarifications that no Base token launch is forthcoming, it hadn’t deterred specific opportunistic traders. Those users inflate the unrelated BASE token, which gained traction when Base was announced earlier this year.

The Base Testnet – A Crucible for Network Upgrade

From February onwards, the Base testnet has been in full swing, providing the ideal grounds for extensive upgrades and rigorous stress-testing, all in anticipation of its full-scale launch.

This innovative creation is an Ethereum layer-2 network, operating on the Optimism OP stack. The driving objective behind Base is the provision of a safe, low-cost environment that enables developers to construct decentralized apps directly on-chain. The ambitious vision held by Coinbase for Base is not merely to build a platform but to catalyze an “increase in economic freedom and opportunity globally.”

The larger agenda of Base centers on creating a stage that can accommodate the next generation of developers and users in the crypto economy.

The Multifaceted Use-Cases of Base

Base has been harnessed during its testing phase for many applications – gaming, NFTs, infrastructure, developer tooling, wallets, security, DeFi, oracles, analytics, bridging, payments, DAOs, and social applications.

Several illustrative use case examples underline its diverse potential. Blackbird, a restaurant loyalty platform, the NFT-based trading card game called Parallel, and the Blockchain development toolkit, Thirdweb, are among these standout applications.

Launch Criteria – Ticking off the Checklist

Base’s checklist for launch comprises five criteria, two of which have already been successfully met. These achievements include successfully implementing a Regolith hard fork in the testnet and a comprehensive infrastructure review with the OP Labs team.

Pending tasks include:

  • The Optimism Bedrock upgrade.
  • Internal and external audits without any critical severity issues.
  • Ensuring testnet stability.

In the progression towards mainnet, there is a crucial period called the “Genesis Window.” This presents a unique opportunity for developers to deploy decentralized applications on Base.

One notable omission in the recent update was a specific timeline for the mainnet launch. However, the update emphasizes that this is not currently a priority. The team states, “Our most important priorities are to ensure the safety and security of the network, followed by clear communication so developers can prepare. Timely mainnet deployment ranks third.”

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