Banco Sabadell Customers can Soon Access Insurance Services Through WhatsApp

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These past few weeks have been very interesting for the WhatsApp team. Following a ban and ban reversal in Brazil, the platform is now getting insurance service integration in Spain. 

Insurance Services via WhatsApp

In this modern day and age, using mobile devices has become the new normal. Many consumers deem it normal that their smartphone or tablet will provide them with access to a plethora of services and products. 

Financial services, for example, are slowly finding their way to mobile devices worldwide. Available products and services will differ from country to country.

In Span, for example, WhatsApp users will soon be given access to insurance services. Using these services will only be available to customers of Banco Sabadell. The bank’s goal is to provide these home insurance services through its Bansabadell Seguros Generales subsidiary in the coming months. 

Innocells GM Pol Navarro adds:

“This new service brings together two aspects that are key to driving forward Banco Sabadell’s digital transformation: the speedy and collaborative design and rollout of innovations and a closer relationship with our customers, moving personal relations into a digital environment.”

Rolling out this service will make it easier for customers to get in touch with experts. Any queries and questions can be conveyed through the popular messaging platform. Moreover, WhatsApp users will receive information and tip on home insurance, among other things. 

Positive News All Around

This news involving WhatsApp comes at a crucial time for the service. Just a few weeks ago, it appeared as if the app would be banned in Brazil, at least where payments were concerned. That ban did happen, but it was rescinded within the same week.

As more mobile messaging platforms begin providing access to financial services, there will be some bumps along the way.

Established providers, such as banks and insurers, may not like this new level of competition all that much. Allowing for competing services and products will ultimately strengthen an economy. Brazil’s government made the right call, in the end. 

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