BANANO Developers are Working on a Privacy Layer

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In the cryptocurrency world, there are very few projects that provide privacy or anonymity by default. Surprisingly, BANANO is looking to enter this segment, as a new privacy layer is currently under development. 

Finding a proper privacy-oriented altcoin is more challenging than one may think.

BANANO is Evolving 

In fact, the number of coins providing default privacy can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

All other crypto assets either make this optional, non-existent, or assume Tor is the right way to go.

BANANO, one of the many altcoins that go largely unnoticed, is stepping up its game.

By working on the CAMO BANANO privacy layer, a very interesting milestone has been reached.

There is also a Light Wallet that supports this privacy layer by default, which is interesting to keep an eye on.

It is important to note that CAMO BANANO is only available in a demo version, but the concept holds a lot of promise. 

All of these developments further confirm that the demand for privacy among crypto assets isn’t slowing down yet.

Instead, it seems that more and more users actively seek this type of “protection”.

Major currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, still don’t offer any privacy by default. 

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