Bakkt is a prominent provider of access to Bitcoin futures. The company appears to be doing a lot of things right, as another round of funding has been completed.

It appears that there is a lot more to Bakkt than most people realize.

A big Step Forward for Bakkt

While the Bitcoin futures are of great interest, the company is looking to do so much more.

A new application has been announced which is expected to launch in the summer of 2020.

That new app will help users convert all of their digital assets to cash, including in-game assets and rewards.

To make that vision come true, the company has raised additional funding.

A Series B round of $300 million has been completed this week.

Noteworthy participants include Intercontinental Exchange, Goldfinch Partners, Pantera Capital, and Microsoft’s M12.

All of this confirms the company’s broader vision.

Digital assets extend well beyond the cryptocurrency space.

They also include loyalty and rewards points from stores and brands, as well as in-game assets, and merchant stored value.

In total, Bakkt aims to address this near $1 trillion industry.

Aggregating one’s assets into one solution and spending them like cash is a game changer.

If successful, it may change the world as people know it today. 


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