Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be familiar with the Bakkt platform. It now appears that the company is opening its doors to a bigger audience, which may have some interesting consequences.

It has been a while since new developments were provided by Bakkt.

Exploring the Future of Bakkt

Although the custody platform is doing alright so far with its Bitcoin products, there’s always room for improvements.

Users can now sign up on the platform for early access.

This is part of Bakkt’s vision to enable global adoption of crypto assets, which may prove a lot more difficult to achieve than originally expected.

Following two successful auditing procedures, things are seemingly headed in the right direction.

On top of the traditional $125 million in assurance, customers can purchase over $500 million in additional insurance coverage. 

What all of this means for the broader cryptocurrency industry, is anyone’s guess. 

Achieving broader adoption of crypto assets is very interesting to explore, but it may prove far more difficult to achieve than initially expected. 

After all, Bitcoin and other crypto assets are still met with ample skepticism and criticism.

Bakkt is heading in an interesting direction ever since an interim CEO has been appointed in late 2019.

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