Back to the future: Play to earn games meet their arcade counterparts with Pixel Hub Project

The cryptocurrency market has sustained a bearish trend for more than 2 months, those that have lived through bear markets know the best strategy is to stop looking at the numbers and take your mind off things. 

And what better way to relax than with a video game that will trigger a sense of nostalgia (whether that be for times where your portfolio looked healthier, or perhaps when you used to play video games as a teenager). 

Remember arcade games?

Before Web 3.0 was a “thing”, and even before the advent of PlayStation and Xbox, gamers had to make do with arcade games. From the 1970s to the 1990s, there were only two ways to play new titles. One option was to buy a freakishly expensive home console.

The other was to make your way down to a local arcade, providing a much more affordable option for playing new games for video game junkies.

Gaming arcades were the birthplace of all modern video gaming. They provided unique gaming experiences in their glory days and many of the titles that are etched into gamer’s minds started in arcade format.  

The arcade may no longer be the defining destination it once was in the 1980s and 1990s, but the spirit of arcade games lives on!

Can arcade games and blockchain co-exist?

In a “back to the future” moment for blockchain technology, play-to-earn games and arcade games have met via the newly released Pixel Hub Gaming Platform.

Blockchain-powered games (sometimes called P2E) have grown increasingly popular in recent years, playing a crucial role in nearly every metaverse. Each platform has its form of cryptocurrency to pay online players for their time commitment, which is becoming a more and more prominent element of the gaming industry.

The growing popularity of play-to-earn games, such as Axie Infinity, is due in part to the fact that they allow gamers to earn real money while having fun. But many of these games can be hard, and gamers often grow bored, abandoning their NFTs or selling them for a loss. 

If only play to earn gaming was fun, like the old days of arcade games…

Get Paid to Play Your Favorite Arcade Games with Pixel Hub

Pixel Hub is the world’s first, retro 8-bit, Play-to-Earn and Compete-To-Earn arcade style games platform!

And if that’s not enough, it’s the first crypto project in existence that supports Steam Deck and Steam OS!

Gamers and crypto fanatics can once again enjoy those old school Atari-esque arcade games while earning free crypto by simply playing them!

Pixel Hub currently offers 20 games with more coming soon, even planning on adding multiplayer games in the future! It includes the unforgettable arcade favorites “Snake”, “Tetris”, “Pacman”, “Space Invaders” and more!

How does Pixel Hub pay me?

PHT is the native Pixel Hub currency. PHT is deposited to those who hold tokens in a noncustodial wallet (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, etc.). Every time tokens are bought and sold on a DEX or Swap a percentage of the transaction is distributed to all token holders evenly depending on the amount held in the wallet.

There are also weekly rewards based on your leaderboard score for each of the games and tournaments, official ones and private, hosted by players themselves!

If you love arcade games, and want to try your hand in the burgeoning play to earn space, Pixel Hub might be just the platform you are looking for. Even if you are not interested in crypto you can still join us and just have some fun by playing and maybe even getting to the top of the leaderboard 

You can learn more about Pixel Hub here if you’re interested:

Telegram Community:



And you can play the games here:

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