B2Core iOS App Brings New Features, Introduces Trading Terminal Integration and Internal Transfers


The B2Core iOS application has recently been updated by B2Broker, a provider of technology and services for the FX and crypto industries. In this latest update, they have enhanced the trading experience and made it easier for their users to maintain their accounts. Two new features were therefore added by the team:

  • Integration of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms
  • Internal transfers

This update also offers a number of updates and improvements in addition to these capabilities. These consist of:

  • New Dashboard banners
  • Redesigned and improved Profile page with more personalized choices for account management and security
  • Balance-based wallet for deposits and withdrawals that is recommended by the system.

These adjustments will improve and facilitate end-users’ account management and account monitoring, as well as overall trading convenience. B2Broker continues to show its dedication to offering traders cutting-edge services and technology with this update.

Integration of MetaTrader 4/5 Trading Terminal

With the addition of integrated support for MetaTrader 4 and 5 available right from the account card, the most recent upgrade to the B2Core app simplifies trading even more. The new upgrade enables direct access from the B2Core app to the MetaTrader Web Trading terminal. Additionally, just one authorization is needed when a user opens the trading terminal via the B2Core app; after that, an instant login takes place so users can start managing and trading on their accounts immediately. Now, end customers may manage trade requests without leaving the app, making the process more effective.

Internal Transfers

Internal transfers between all kinds of accounts and users are now supported by the most recent version in a swift, safe, and secure manner! Customers are given more flexibility and financial control as a result. This new tool streamlines, expedites, and secures all financial transactions, whether users are moving funds between their own accounts or to another individual.

Other Enhancements

  • Dashboard Banners

For a better user experience, the team made a number of adjustments to the Dashboard design. These modifications include making the banners on the app’s mobile version larger and simpler to read. Their designs are featured in mobile app banners, which are optimized for smaller screens while providing plenty of room for crucial information. The banner now opens a preview modal box with a simple link when it is touched, in addition to this. Additionally, the team changed the banner navigation, so customers could quickly access pertinent external links, such YouTube movies highlighting fresh B2Broker products.

  • New Profile Screen

Account Settings Customization

In order to create a unique identity when logging into the application, users can now upload an avatar. Users will also be able to verify that they are signed into the right account by looking at their personal identifier (email address) under their avatar. Implementing the verification widget also makes sure that consumers follow all Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. The fact that all app settings are neatly gathered in one place with other important details, including Privacy & Agreements, will be welcomed by users.

Enhanced Settings of Security 

The B2Core team has developed a new security area that neatly houses all the quick sign-in options, such as FaceID and Pin Code, in order to give consumers the best experience possible. Users may now manage and safeguard their accounts fast because the Fast Sign-In techniques are now the application’s default sign-in mechanism.

Your password and two-factor authorization settings can be found under the new “Signing in to B2Broker” section. The team labels the “recommended” settings to guarantee the highest levels of security. Additionally, they transferred control of the Anti-Phishing Code and the devices with account access to this new screen.

  • Default Wallet for Deposits and Withdrawals

The most recent B2Core version makes it even simpler to manage deposits and withdrawals! In the Deposit and Withdrawal screens, the app now automatically suggests a wallet for every transaction, reducing time and making transactions simpler.


A number of new features are combined in the B2Core App upgrade to improve security and user experience. Internal Transfers make transactions easier than ever, and the new Trading Terminal Integration enables instant access. Additional enhancements including the revamped Dashboard Banner, updated Profile Screens, and default wallet settings give users a wide range of options to rapidly and securely customize their accounts. With all these improvements, using B2Broker to manage your investments has never been simpler!

B2Core is the ideal program to aid in managing your finances, regardless of whether you are an experienced trader or are just getting started. Try it today!


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