B2Broker’s Latest B2Trader Update Allows Trading in Up to 100 Different Currency Pairs


We are pleased to inform you that the most recent version of B2Trader has been released. B2Trader is a lightning-fast matching engine that was developed specifically for cryptocurrency exchanges, market makers, spot brokers, and MTF brokers. As a result of this update, the maximum number of currency pairs that may be supported has been raised to 100, while the order book depth has remained unchanged at 100×100. This signifies that B2Trader can handle various trading strategies and different order kinds; thus, it is one of the most powerful and versatile engines available at the moment. This update demonstrates that B2Broker is dedicated to providing superior customer service by continuously enhancing its products and services.

Leading Matching Engine Now With More Pairs

B2Trader has been updated to handle 100 asset pairings with a market depth of 100×100, up from the previous limit of 61. In essence, the change almost doubled the number of pairings available without affecting order book size or liquidity. Because of this significant expansion, our clients now have a more comprehensive range of options when deciding which assets to trade, which creates additional opportunities for profits and a better trading experience overall.

When evaluating an order book for a specific trading asset, market depth refers to the number of orders accessible at each price level. Analyzing market depth allows traders to understand the market’s overall liquidity better and make more educated trading choices. A depth of 100/100 indicates that there are 100 buy orders and 100 sell orders for each price level. This information will allow traders to place larger orders with greater confidence, knowing that the market has adequate liquidity.

Keep in mind that there are two methods to add assets to your exchange:

  1. Access the admin panel, and transfer the available markets from B2Trader to your cabinet.
  2. Select the appropriate assets from the menu and add them to the checklist. After that, the B2Trader staff will enable maintenance mode for your exchange and add your chosen instruments.


The B2Broker group is persistent in enhancing the company’s offerings. With this new release, we’ve taken a significant step toward our ultimate objective of creating the most effective and user-friendly interface imaginable. With this update, we want to serve our customers further and make B2Trader the platform of choice for all your trading operations. We encourage you to take full advantage of all these new features, and, as always, should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We thank you for your support.


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