B2Broker Launches New Extensive Reporting Service for B2Trader Matching Engine


A new feature has been added in a recent update to B2Broker’s flagship product, B2Trader. B2Trader users will now be able to take advantage of a new, comprehensive reporting tool. This newest feature allows clients to download any data they need from the trading platform, such as transactions, commissions, trades conducted, and reports on clients. The number of countries applying legislation related to crypto-trading will likely increase in the future, so exchanges will have to provide this level of transparency to remain compliant. B2Broker continues to lead the industry by releasing this new service now, despite these requirements not yet being mandatory. 

New Reporting Tool

With the powerful new reporting system, users can then customize the templates using a complex filtering system to take full control over their data at any time, allowing them to access and create downloadable reports from virtually anywhere within the admin panel.

Customers now have the option of selecting one of two data formats for their reports with this update: CSV or XLS. Furthermore, these reports can be delivered automatically to their email addresses, so that they can review their data immediately! 

Scheduled reports are another convenience offered by the new upgrade. Reports can be scheduled at a later date in addition to being scheduled at regular intervals, such as monthly. In this way, users will be able to generate timely reports containing all the necessary information at the end of each year.

A high level of flexibility and efficiency can be achieved when generating and editing reports. All modifications to scheduled reports take effect immediately, so users can adjust them as much as they like. In addition, users get an entire month to go over the reports after they’ve been created. A user-friendly admin panel makes it easy to create and edit reports, enabling users to customize them according to their needs.

Concluding Remarks

The new reporting system for B2Trader is a powerful tool for its customers. The intuitive design of the reporting system and its flexibility and ease of use make it an invaluable asset in managing data. With this new service, B2Broker continues to provide its customers with the most comprehensive suite of services available in the industry. It is clear that this new reporting system will help exchanges meet their compliance requirements while also making it easier for users to access and analyze their trading data.

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