B2Broker Has Announced New Features for FX/Crypto Spot Liquidity

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B2Broker Presents Super Competitive New Margin/Crypto Spot Liquidity Offerings

B2Broker, one of the most prominent liquidity providers in Forex and Crypto, has announced the launch of new conditions for Margin and Crypto Spot liquidity with a new pricing policy delivering unique and highly competitive propositions to the industry.

The first Crypto CFD from B2Broker was launched in 2017, initially with 30 crypto pairs. At the same time, the company was the first who started to leverage the Prime Broker business model. As for now, B2Broker works with 115 Crypto CFD pairs and operates as an L1 liquidity aggregator in many trading spaces. You can make deals with Metals, Single Stocks, Commodities, and Spot Forex all in one place. 

Over 50% of Forex brokers prefer to leverage B2Broker solutions for launching their own Crypto CFD business.

Margin Liquidity

Margin trading is gaining momentum. This is why many traders are looking for favourable terms of cooperation with Forex prime brokers. B2Broker offers its clients the chance to try new features listed here:

New Crypto CFD Instruments

We have added 15 new highly popular CFDs. The list of new crypto CFDs consists of:

  • XRP;
  • ADA (Cardano);
  • DOGE;
  • Solana;
  • Polkadot;
  • Uniswap;
  • LINK;
  • MKR and many others. 

Remember that all trades with these coins can be made against the US dollar. 

New Margin Percentage

This amount has been decreased to 10%. Such a decision will provide new features for traders since they can leverage our unique conditions. 

This change is related to the following currency pairs:


New Pricing Terms and Conditions

B2Broker has introduced new commercial offers providing solutions for all types of companies. The high-quality White Label crypto exchange software, FIX API/gateway, or enterprise options will meet your business requirements. 

First, on offer is a new Enterprise solution. It consists of options made by trading technology providers (PrimeXM or OneZero HUB) and a liquidity offering. Our new package provides excellent options for efficiently exploiting the liquidity via HUBs/XCOREs. Brokers get more freedom in managing their risks and strategies. Furthermore, using a consistent solution from B2Broker is more cost-effective than going to the trading platform and approaching B2Broker as a liquidity provider. 

We made our Enterprise option an excellent choice for Brokers who run their own trading platform and want to get more control over their liquidity.  

New Liquidity Pools

B2Broker creates new liquidity pools in different locations around the globe. New locations include Equinix data centres in London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Beijing. Such a wide choice allows you to pick up the most suitable locations for an API/Gateway connection.

Moreover, there are more features for clients that chose the London pool. They can tap into one of the global access servers with the lowest latency connection.

New Liquidity Distribution Conditions

You can choose one of the first-class trading platforms. We offer MT4, PrimeXM, OneZero, etc., for FX/Crypto CFDs and Rest API or WEBSocket for Crypto Spot liquidity. All of these platforms can satisfy the broader needs of your clients.

New Crypto Spot Liquidity Features

We have also introduced a bunch of new options for working with Crypto Spot liquidity. The following developments apply to B2BX:

A. B2Broker has revised the super-competitive commission structure. With that comes the lowest fees of 0.04%.

B. We have also expanded the order book up to 100 levels for Buy and Sell operations. The compressed order book contains over 120 BTC with an average spread of only 7 USD. It allows us to satisfy the exact needs of both prominent players and newcomer traders. 

C. B2Broker has added more stablecoins and top tokens to work with its liquidity.

Arthur Azizov, CEO of B2Broker, stated, “We are constantly looking for new profitable offers and favourable conditions which will help our clients to benefit from different types of assets. They can easily access our liquidity services and get the top-notch support and best pricing policy.”

Financial institutions are able to leverage the best liquidity solutions from B2Broker and benefit from our broad expertise. Furthermore, our outstanding technology allows us to deliver customised liquidity solutions that cover all clients’ demands. B2Broker provides liquidity on CFDs, FX/Crypto Spot, Commodities, Metals and Individual Stocks. Working as a Prime of Prime company, we offer over 400 instruments and are always on the broker’s side, doing our best to follow the interests of our clients. 

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