B2BinPay Releases New Updates: Enhanced Supports For Merchant Limits & Broadening Payment Options


B2BinPay represents the B2Broker’s newly updated payment processor designed for crypto payments. The company has officially announced the addition of Merchant Invoice Limits. All  “Merchant” type clients will now be able to send invoices. This type of account will give them additional flexibility and simplicity when interacting. What’s more, Cardano support has also been introduced by B2BinPay for its Enterprise clients and is ready to use now! With this upgrade, B2BinPay keeps providing its customers with the smoothest payment performance possible, as well as more options and management over their business.

Limitations for Merchant Invoices

Merchants may now generate invoicing in their wallet’s preferred monetary unit, with USD, EUR, USDT, USDC, and BTC all available. To offer simplicity to the customer, B2BinPay will also compute the same amount in any other wallet currency that the merchant can access. As a result, enterprises may now take payments in a variety of currencies, offering clients more choices and comfort when completing purchases.

The payment site is the following phase in making the purchase; the user is forwarded to this site after choosing a currency. Users may examine their orders, input their payment information, and make payments on this page.

The upgraded solution has an advanced implemented mechanism that locks and calculates the exchange rate every 15 minutes. Therefore, you can be sure you are receiving the most accurate estimates possible through this method. You can continuously refresh the value manually, and the 15-minute countdown will start over.

Moreover, merchants may define a maximum duration for the invoice’s operational service. The 15-minute reconfiguration of the rate of exchange is different from the period during which the newly produced invoice is valid. The invoices can be configured by the merchant to terminate within a week of or with no expiry date at all.

Additionally, new categories for invoicing are now accessible, significantly increasing your ability to manage your bills. Currently, each invoice may be in one of the following statuses:

  • Invoice (created)
  • Paid
  • Canceled
  • Unresolved.

Investors can also specify a “Delta amount,” or limit on the amount payable in order to account for the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies. An invoice for 100 USD, for instance, can include a 10 USD Delta specified by the seller. This indicates that as long as the user pays around USD 90 to USD 110, respectively, the invoice will be considered “Paid in Full.” 

Cardano Joins B2BinPay Offerings

B2BinPay has been adding numerous cryptos recently, and Cardano (ADA) has been its latest addition for all Enterprise customers. Cardano is a blockchain platform that gives various companies the ability to create and use decentralized apps for various reasons. It is supported by the cryptocurrency ADA. B2BinPay’s most recent version now enables Enterprise clients to receive ADA deposits.


Technical improvements in the most recent B2BinPay release give businesses reliability and safety. B2BinPay is currently one of the most user-friendly products on the market, with the capability to put limitations to invoices and delta amounts. The integration of the Cardano system demonstrates B2BinPay’s persistent goal of providing its customers the remarkable payment options. B2BinPay indeed offers one of the best solutions for those who are seeking a simple and secure way to make or receive crypto payments.

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