Aztec Wants to Bring Scalable Privacy to Ethereum With ZK-ZK Rollups


Privacy is an aspect most major cryptocurrencies do not provide at this time. Aztec, a privacy-oriented engine launched on Ethereum, is trying to achieve this goal by combining some innovative developments. 

There have been talks about introducing privacy to Ethereum for some time now.

Privacy on Ethereum With Aztec

At the protocol level, the development is still ongoing.

Other enthusiasts are looking for ways to create solutions that provide the same features, and can be rolled out a lot quicker.

Aztec is one of those solutions, as it is an incredibly fast privacy engine for the Ethereum blockchain.

The protocol is accessible for everyone today, and the goal is to make it on the same scale as VISA.

Cryptocurrency networks are often criticized for their lack of a high transaction throughput.

Aztec wants to address that aspect by incorporating ZK-Rollup technology.

More specifically, the team is exploring the ZK-ZK Rollup for PLONK proofs options.

If this theory can be turned on a workable solution, the gas cost of private transactions on Ethereum will decrease significantly.

The development of that technology may take a while, as it is no easy solution to develop by any means.

The Aztec team is confident they can achieve at least 100 tps in the near future, and will eventually scale to 2,000 tps.

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