Axie Infinity Reaches Lowest Price in a Year — Golden Inu Sets Up Dates For New P2E Game

Golden Inus playing $Golden Inuverse, a coming play-to-earn crypto game
Golden Inus playing $Golden Inuverse, a coming play-to-earn crypto game

Following its explosive growth in 2021, the DeFi gaming market shows no signs of slowing down. With each passing day, new projects emerge, aiming to fill the void left by the numerous failed games of previous years.

Recently, one of the most established P2E games in history, Axie Infinity, struggles to keep its price relevant for its players.

The native token of the game AXS is currently trading at its lowest point in over a year. As of today, the token is valued at $4.70, the asset amounts to 65% losses throughout that time.

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Looking at it from a larger picture, the conditions of the currency also do not look great. Once valued at $160.62, the asset is down 97.5% from its all-time high.

Aside from the effects of 2022’s losses, AXS’ losses also reflect the loss of interest from users in the game. As the market of decentralized games evolves, investors are likely looking for newer options that are ready to invest in truly P2E and fun-to-play games.

Axie Infinity was always regarded as one of the most “complete” gameplays in that niche. And recent AXS price action indicates that the community surrounding the game has likely peaked.

Golden Inu Sets Roadmap For P2E Game Launch

While Axie Infinity is growing down in the charts, a new cryptocurrency is gaining momentum in the DeFi market. 

The Golden Inu Token, a memecoin originally launched on the BNB Chain in February, recently set up the dates for the launch of a new P2E game. 

Named “Golden InuVerse”, the game announcement comes just after the currency amassed over 150% gains in the span of a month.

The upcoming game is expected to attract a large number of play-to-earn enthusiasts.

Gamers’ participation in the game and their willingness to make in-game purchases are anticipated to boost the value of the $Golden token, supported by a 7% slippage fee that adds to the liquidity assets pool. 

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The $Golden token, based on the Ethereum blockchain, is currently in presale. But in a surprising development, the team behind the cryptocurrency recently announced the dates for the launch of the game.

In a Tweet, the official account for the project announced several dates for the registration, preview, and launch of the game. 

On June 21st, $GOLDEN holders will be able to register for the platform launch. A month later, an exclusive preview of the game’s functionalities and gameplay will be released.

The beta version of the game will finally be launched on August 21st, and it will be live for a month before the official version of the game is fully launched in-chain. 

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