Axie Infinity Launches AXS Staking To Fulfill Two-Thirds of The Token’s Purposes

CryptoMode Axie Infinity AXS Staking

Play-to-earn blockchain games remain immensely popular. Axie Infinity is one of the leading projects in this space. The team is now introducing Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) staking, adding another layer of revenue potential to this popular blockchain game. 

Axie Infinity Moves Forward

While players of Axie Infinity may still be a bit unhappy with the changes made during the Season 18, there are new developments to note. Anyone who owns Axie Infinity Shards, or AXS, can begin staking this asset. The staking support went live on September 30, 2021, and users can earn revenue while doing so. The system will receive various upgrades in future iterations to ensure AXS holders have an optimal experience. 

While the AXS stakingrewards aspect will be of great value to many, there is another purpose. Axie Infinity’s team aims to establish a broader co-ownership of this ecosystem with community members. one way of doing so is to have AXS holders stake their assets and gain a say in the matter. Encouraging locking up tokens will remain tricky, although there are a set of initial rewards to facilitate this process. 

Players will know AXS as a solution to upgrade in-game creators and evolve them. They can still be earned by players who qualify for the PVP Seasonal leaderboard or win tournaments. Additionally, Axie Infinity Shards can be traded freely across various exchanges and trading platforms. More ways to earn AXS will be introduced gradually, either via gameplay or ecosystem contributions. 

The introduction of AXS staking allows the team to reward community members for their long-term vision. Locking up AXS will earn AXS rewards. In addition, the developers will enable voting rights later, which involves having a say over the Community Treasury, currently holding over $1 bn in AXS tokens. It marks a significant milestone for Axie Infinity players and the popular play-to-earn blockchain game ecosystem. 

AXS Staking Rewards And Future Outlook

The first month of Axie Infinity Shards staking will yield a total reward of 2 million AXS or 654,516 AXS per day. That emission schedule is still being examined and fine-tuned with the help of Delphi Digital. As a result, a longer emission schedule is not out of the question, although more details will be announced shortly. Releasing more AXS into circulation is crucial when thousands of new players find this ecosystem every week.

Although the AXS staking dashboard is a bit minimalistic, it will remain a work-in-progress. It will serve its purpose for the current staking phase and likely receive an overhaul when community governance comes into the picture. The addition of staking ensures AXS now fulfills two of its three main use cases; payments and staking. Governance is the third layer to be added, although integrating social coordination is a tricky ordeal. 

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