Axie Infinity and Big Eyes Coins: The Best P2E Projects in Crypto for 2023?


Axie Infinity has made its mark, but can Big Eyes take over with its Casino?

If you’re a gamer, chances are you know about the potential of the gaming world to bring in some oh-so-good gains. The crypto world is no stranger to this too, which is why gaming tokens have been making some strides in the industry. So, for all the gaming aficionados looking to invest, here are our picks for the year’s best P2E projects: Axie Infinity and Big Eyes Coin (BIG). Read till the end for a surprise from the latter!

Axie Infinity-The NFT Utopia

Axie Infinity (AXS), a groundbreaking Play-2-Earn (P2E) game within the expansive Web 3.0 landscape, continues to captivate the gaming community with its innovative gameplay and positive reception. However, the latest news has ignited an unprecedented surge of excitement and optimism among enthusiasts. It has been unveiled that the highly anticipated title, Axie Infinity: Origins, might soon find its way onto the coveted Apple AppStore as a mobile application. This revelation holds tremendous potential, not only propelling Axie Infinity onto the global stage but also thrusting it into the forefront of attention, granting access to millions of iPhone users worldwide. The prospect of this strategic move has triggered a palpable buzz within the gaming sphere, fueling speculations about the transformative impact it could have on the game’s user base, adoption rates, and overall success.

The seamless integration of Axie Infinity with the Apple AppStore sets the stage for a groundbreaking convergence of cutting-edge technology and widespread accessibility, paving the way for a new era of Play-2-Earn gaming experiences. With eager anticipation, gaming enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the launch, eager to embark on a revolutionary journey within the captivating realms of Axie Infinity: Origins.

A Gala of Gains With Big Eyes Casino

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a brand new DeFi meme coin, with a strong focus on building a community that is passionate and inclusive. They have created a buzz with a successful presale, bringing together crypto enthusiasts and cat-lovers from all over the world, as evident from their social media. It’s evident that they are always listening to their community, and doing their best to give them back. The most recent offering in their list is their very own casino.

The platform will serve as a haven for over 4000 games, including Big Eyes’ own P2E Games. Fun games with adorable cats? Can it get any better? It actually does! The casino allows participation exclusively through BIG tokens, meaning no fiat expenditure is required to be a part of this gaming getaway! However, any cryptocurrency can be converted into BIG tokens to play. Convenience? Check!

The casino will boost the meme coins’ daily trading volume, while also expanding the community of authentic holders of BIG. It is set to be fully operational by the 29th of August, two months after the 15th of June launch of the coin, giving the community plenty of time to buy BIG and keep their holdings ready to play.

Apart from that, Big Eyes has a lot to offer for its users: whether it’s the liquidity lock of 2 years on its limited supply, or an ecosystem that is free of buying, selling and trading tax. It also has a lot to offer for the planet: a charity wallet made from 5% of the total supply that supports ocean sanctuaries. This kitty surely has a BIG heart!

One last thing, the presale ends on June 3rd, and they’re ending it with a bang! Until the end of presales, BIG tokens will be sold for its stage 3 price, just $0.00017 per token. Now is the time to hoard up on BIG and win BIG at the casino!

It is the ideal time for gamer-investors to consider the best P2E projects for their portfolio, and Axie Infinity is a contender on the list. However, a look at the features of Big Eyes as well as the upcoming projects in their roadmap gives BIG a cut, making it stand out and possibly the ideal choice for investing this year. It’s time to go BIG or go home with Big Eyes!

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