Avorak AI (AVRK) To Be listed Alongside Tron (TRX) On Azbit Exchange


Recent Avorak AI news indicates that AVRK will be listed alongside other promising assets, such as Tron (TRX), on Azbit Exchange once the project is launched in a few months.

Tron (TRX): New update on the ecosystem

The Tron (TRX) ecosystem has seen a lot of ups and downs in March. It has suffered losses due to the SEC investigation into its founder Justin Sun. However, the network has experienced steady growth in network traffic. And in a bid to simplify resource management and participation, the Tron ecosystem is undergoing significant changes. Tron unveiled the test version of its new staking mechanism, Stake 2.0, urging users to test its features on the Nile testnet before the proposed mainnet launch. Voting is set to take place this month, and if the proposal goes into effect, staking will only be possible via Stake 2.0. Users with funds already staked can redeem them using the Stake 1.0 opt-out method. The proposal has faced criticism on GitHub, with some members questioning infrastructure readiness due to insufficient testnet time. It remains to be seen how Stake 2.0 will be received by the community and affect the TRX price.

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Avorak AI: AI through the blockchain

Avorak AI offers a suite of AI solutions to users all over the world through the blockchain. The AI ecosystem is built on the reliable Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and aims to move into a more decentralized state by having its own blockchain, using an innovative Proof-Of-Learning validation system.

Avorak displays significant potential for growth with its strong tokenomics and solutions applicable in the real world, like Avorak Trade, non-plagiarising text-generators, and image and video editors. The Avorak Trading tool uses AI algorithms to predict the prices of various assets and make automated trades on behalf of users. The AI can be used on different exchanges and include services like TradingView to offer enhanced visuals.

The AVRK token is the ecosystem’s native token and will be used to access its AI solutions and other advantages, such as a share of its profits.

Avorak AI ( AVRK) listing on Azbit Exchange

On March 30, Azbit, a well-ranking crypto exchange, announced that AVRK will be available for deposits, trading, and withdrawals from 16th July 2023. This follows Avorak’s planned launch in July, which will see its ICO investors get up to 350% return on investment.

The ICO is in phase 3, selling AVRK at $0.145 and offering investors additional benefits such as the 8% token bonus. With the launch price set at $0.27, investors still have a chance to buy and benefit from Avorak and its potential listing on DEXs like Azbit.

For more information on Avorak AI:

Website: https://avorak.ai
Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register


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