Avalanche X and C Networks Crippled By Software Bugs

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A recent outage affected the Avalanche X and C chains, causing transactions sent over X-Chain to lag. While the C-chain has recovered from the earlier disruption, nodes on the X-chain are still offline. Moreover, the network quality of the X-chain has been degraded.

Avalanche’s unique architecture comprises three chains: the C-chain, X-chain, and P-chain. 

The C-chain hosts the platform’s DeFi community, supporting smart contracts and MetaMask usage. The X-chain is primarily used for exchanging funds, and the P-chain serves as a validator and for staking AVAX.

The recent outage caused the AVAX token to fall slightly. Bugs in newly released software were identified as the cause of the disruption. Such incidents always reflect on the overarching project. The damage done to Avalanche and its public image will be minimal, though. 

Though Avalanche has yet to issue a public statement, contributors are working to resolve the issue on the platform’s GitHub forum.

On-chain data indicates that X-chain can only process a handful of transactions per hour, rendering it virtually unusable. 

Despite over 90% of validators upgrading to the latest version of AvalancheGo, up from 12% earlier today, the X-chain’s nodes are still down, causing transaction processing to lag.

In conclusion, while Avalanche’s unique approach has helped it stand out, the recent outage has exposed its vulnerability to software bugs. 

Nonetheless, the quick response of its contributors indicates that the platform is committed to resolving the issue and providing a seamless user experience. However, such bugs should never be present in code that has been tested thoroughly. 

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