Avalanche, Litecoin, and Big Eyes – Top Tokens You Should Hold During this Crypto Collapse


For the better part of 2022, the cryptocurrency market has been rocked by the ominous bearish wave, the crypto collapse. Many coins are doing very poorly, dropping as much as 90% less than their initial valuations before the collapse. We have selected a few coins–Avalanche, Litecoin, and Big Eyes Coin– that you could find very profitable in times like this. Stay tuned to learn their most endearing features.

The Big Name In Speed And Efficiency – Avalanche

Avalanche boasts the support of a wide range of DeFi tools, NFTs, and pegged tokens. These features attract users from all over the crypto space so they can use one service or the other. The network is similar to the Ethereum network, as it also creates and audits its smart contracts using the same language as Ethereum, Solidity.

Solidity also allows for third-party creation of blockchains for public and private uses. This enables developers to temporarily add their blockchains to the network as ‘subnets,’ as long as it agrees with the protocol. Avalanche also performs transactions efficiently, processing up to 4,500 transactions in one second.

The network is also compatible with Ethereum, as it has bridges through which users can swap their AVAX tokens for ETH and vice versa. Decentralized wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase support such bridges, and the users can manage the two accounts separately on the same wallet.

AVAX sells on CoinMarketCap. Although it has also experienced adverse effects of the crypto collapse, the coin is sure to bounce back from the effects in the nearest future.

The Light Touch – Litecoin

Litecoin was formed due to a fork from the Bitcoin network in 2011, making it one of the earliest altcoins ever developed. A fork occurs when irreversible alterations are made to a token’s protocol.

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin supports peer-to-peer asset transfer at lower costs than the Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms. Its proof-of-work protocol is quite different from that of Bitcoin, which makes it process more transactions than Bitcoin. These features make it more appealing to users in asset transfer than Bitcoin.

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin has a fixed amount of tokens in circulation, about 84 million. Since Litecoin is run on a proof of work protocol, mining is possible. However, only specialized computers can mine the token, and large companies mostly own them.

You can get Litecoin on various coin exchange platforms, like Coinbase. It is currently listed at.

Big Heart From Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Despite the market’s bearish tendencies, tokens like Big Eyes bring fresh perspectives to crypto traders and investors. The token will likely yield significantly in these coming weeks with its rising popularity.

Big Eyes’ ongoing presale is in phase three, where the developers plan to host an NFT club launch to start NFT trade operations on the platform. The inclusion of an active NFT marketplace will help the BIG token stay relevant in the cryptocurrency market. The NFT marketplace will bring users from other networks as the whitepaper announced there would be no fees for transactions involving NFTs.

The developers are also invested in ensuring the members’ interests are protected in decision-making. To this end, the developers made 70% of the initial token supply available for the presale, thus giving members the advantage when approving protocol changes. Also, the developers have started a giveaway contest for the community to appreciate their support for the project. The giveaway will reward ten lucky winners with 250,000 BIG tokens, where the first gets 100,000 tokens, and the others share the rest of the reward. The draw will take place in December, and only users holding BIG tokens will be eligible for selection.

Another important aspect of the Big Eyes project is charity. The developers have expressed interest in supporting organizations involved in conserving ocean life. They have even set up a wallet with 5% of the total coin supply, from which they will draw funds for periodic donations.

Here’s a chance to join the next big crypto project. Follow this link to join the presale event and get updates on the project.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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