It has often been said that blockchain technology holds big potential for the education industry. Now, Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) has announced that it will provide its students with access to blockchain-based digital credentials.

Developing Blockchain CVs

So far, several universities have decided to implement blockchain-based credential platforms, primarily because they allow students to better present their skills to potential employers, while also creating authentic, verifiable, blockchain CVs.

According to Professor Belinda Tynan, who is the vice chancellor for VP and education at RMIT:

“RMIT is an innovator, and with this initiative, we’re exploring the latest application of this technology as part of our commitment to enhancing our students’ experience.”

RMIT is a strong believer in the future of blockchain technology. In fact, back in September, it launched the Blockchain Innovation Hub, which is the world’s first blockchain-related research center, studying the social science behind the technology.

Belinda Tynan also stated that

RMIT is at the forefront of helping both students and employers leverage the potential of blockchain to fill long-standing skill and communications gaps”. According to her, “Our collaboration will provide students with the tools to better communicate industry-relevant skills and experiences into economic and life opportunities”.

Final Thoughts

It is believed that these credentials will first be made available to students that are part of the university’s Developing Blockchain Strategy Course. However, at this point, it is unknown whether RMIT plans to offer this service to their other students as well.

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