Consumers, corporations, and institutional investors are always on the lookout for convenient and affordable crypto-storage solutions. In this regard, Australian-based Decentralised Capital has recently launched an insured cryptocurrency vault.

Another Bitcoin Vault Emerges

People who keep an active tab on the cryptocurrency industry will know that Bitcoin vault services are nothing new. Multiple companies offer such solutions, including the likes of Coinbase and Xapo. In Australia, however, no such solution existed until now. Decentralised Capital and Custodian Vaults are teaming up to offer a fully-insured cryptocurrency vault service for consumers and corporations to benefit from.

The new platform provides a valuable service to anyone who is passionate about cryptocurrencies as well as brings more legitimacy to the industry as a whole.

The Specifics

The vault provides clients with direct access to their holdings, as well as offers physical surveillance to ensure that no unauthorized personnel can access the holdings in question. There are also plans on the table to introduce additional security measures such as biometric identification, PIN codes, and CCTV monitoring. 

Final Thoughts

Having a new cryptocurrency vault service in Australia is another example of how the industry is maturing as a whole. Although this new feature will not be too appealing to regular consumers, it shows offering secure storage solutions is of the utmost importance at this time. Moreover, it also helps put Australia on the global cryptocurrency map.

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