Blockchain technology can provide an unprecedented degree of transparency to any industry. In this regard, various independent startups are looking to improve voting processes in emerging democracies.

Horizon State and Transparent Voting

When it comes to traditional voting processes, a lack of transparency has been discussed many times over. As such, results of a major election or vote are often scrutinized, even though it is nearly impossible to prove any wrongdoings. Establishing a more transparent ecosystem for everyone to benefit from seems to be the right move and Melbourne-based startup, Horizon State, is trying to stake its claim in this regard.

The company is intent on introducing Bitcoin technology to the voting industry in one way or another. One of the projects of interest for the startup is Indonesia’s upcoming national election. With over 250 million people voting, transparency is of the utmost importance.

While talking with a media outlet recently, Horizon State’s Jamie Skella had the following words:

“If you utilise blockchain to submit a vote in the same way that a bitcoin transaction can’t be reversed, it can’t be changed, it’s a trustworthy process based on a system, which is not owned by any one entity, not by an organisation, or a government or an individual. These are all pretty great properties for a digital ballot box, so in the same way the vote can’t be maliciously tampered with, it can’t be removed and it can’t be changed.”

To accommodate future elections, the startup will roll out a community voter platform. This project will be designed for the island of Sumatra, and will serve as a valuable test case for the blockchain-based venture

Final Thoughts

It seems like its only going to be a matter of time until blockchain technology disrupts the traditional voting model that people have grown accustomed to over the years. By recording votes in an anonymous manner, transparency can be provided while still respecting individual privacy at all times.

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