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Augur Users Wager on President Trump Getting Assassinated in 2018

Augur recently opened its prediction market to the public and it was only a matter of time until some dubious predictions appeared on the platform. One particular “proposal” seems to wonder whether or not President Trump will be assassinated in the months to come.

Augur Predictions Take a Surprising Turn

A decentralized prediction market is designed to harness the wisdom of the crowd. As such, anyone can raise a prediction on such platforms and see if others agree or disagree.

In the case of Augur, some users are taking a very different approach. For example, an unnamed individual has put up a prediction regarding the potential assassination of President Trump by the end of this year.

Not only is this a very controversial topic, it also raises a lot of questions regarding Augur’s filter protocols. If content like this is allowed to continually exist on the platform, it will only be a matter of time until the prediction market gains a bad reputation. At the same time, removing this “prediction” from the platform would be counterproductive since Augur claims to be decentralized ‘first and foremost’.

More on the Issue

Sensationalist media outlets will gladly point out how decentralized prediction markets are the new gateway for assassination contracts. This type of activity is usually associated with the darknet and other criminal fora. Augur does not facilitate users to ‘gamble’ on President Trump getting assassinated, instead, it allows for anyone in the world to make predictions and see if anyone else agrees with them. The financial incentive associated with this model does not facilitate assassinations by any stretch of imagination.

Final Thoughts

Technology has never facilitated any criminal or illegal activity by default. However, when certain people abuse a particular technology for controversial means, they often cause regulators to crack down upon an entire industry. 

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