ATOM Will Be First Top 100 Coin Back To All-Time High, Will Have 25x By This Point


Many crypto tokens are way down from their all-time highs in the current bear market. It’s a common pattern in the market and one that shouldn’t be ignored. The whole crypto space is down. But it won’t stay this way forever. When confidence returns to crypto, many tokens will enjoy new rises to glory. Some of them will fare better than others, so now is the time to shore up your portfolio with the best options for success.

And experts think Uniglo could be one of those options alongside Cosmos (ATOM). They both have the chance to shine in the next bull run, and ATOM could fire up beyond previous all-time highs. Even if it does, this may not match the potential of Uniglo, which some believe could be 100x in price in the next year or so. Here’s why it might be the best possible pick for your portfolio:

Uniglo (GLO)

With the best weapons to fight the world’s growing inflationary concerns, Uniglo is primed for big gains over the coming months. And importantly, it’s built for strong and steady growth that people can trust, rather than unsustainable pumps and dumps. With the GLO vault, a range of assets are stored to protect the base price of the token and ensure its not at risk of wider market volatility. It doesn’t depend on one asset to succeed and could be the best possible selection for your portfolio right now. Built with scarcity in mind, GLO burns more tokens the bigger it gets and will never be printed or minted. It’s gearing up for a considerable growth period and is still available at a discount during its final pre-sale for a short while longer.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos aims to build a network of interconnected blockchains to help create a new generation of interoperability for the crypto world. Its first blockchain app, ATOM, has strong growth potential.

Cosmos has already surged in price recently, and many think it could go even higher in the coming months. However, experts don’t think it has the growth potential to match GLO, which might be the best pick for your portfolio.


ATOM and GLO could enjoy huge price gains over the coming months, and GLO looks best placed to become one of the most prominent players in the crypto world. Now might be the time to add it to your portfolio.

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