The cryptocurrency industry is home to many interesting and surprising tidbits of information. For example, a LiveCoinWatch study has found that Asian cryptocurrency traders account for over 75% of all altcoin transactions that are facilitated across the globe.

Asian Dominance Continues

Despite losing China as a major trading market, the rest of Asia is still keen on cryptocurrencies. Positive regulation in Japan and South Korea has allowed this nascent industry to thrive like never before. Additionally, most of the popular crypto exchanges are also based in Asia, which further fuels this ongoing growth.

Latest statistics released by LiveCoinWatch paint a very interesting picture in this regard. According to the firm, Asian traders make up 77.2% of all global crypto trades. Even though this is not entirely surprising, the landslide lead that the continent has over the rest of the world raises a lot of questions. With China passing up on altcoins and other countries leaning toward banning all cryptocurrency activity, this situation may not necessarily remain in place for much longer.

Even so, it is evident that Asia remains the go-to place for crypto and blockchain investing. This does not just apply to Bitcoin, as various other altcoins have also continued to gain traction across different Asian countries in recent years. 

Final Thoughts

Without Asia, cryptocurrency would not be on the same level as it is today. At the same time, it also shows that the rest of the world continues to lag behind in understanding the true potential of digital assets.

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