Asia Broadband builds on its crypto vision by upgrading the digital architecture of its exchange

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Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC:AABB) is an America-based resource company currently engaged in the production, supply, and sale of various precious and base metals across the Asian landscape. The company harnesses its geocentric expertise and a massive pool of industry contacts to help facilitate its distribution and production processes.

Its “vertical integration” approach, where each individual member of the company’s supply chain offers a different service but eventually comes together to fulfill a common goal, has helped distinguish the firm from many of its contemporaries as well as allowed it to create value uniquely for all of its shareholders.

AABB has also forayed into the digital asset market over the past year, recently releasing a mine-to-token gold-backed cryptocurrency called ‘AABB Gold token’ that is available within its native proprietary digital currency trading platform ‘AABB Exchange’ and crypto wallet offering ‘AABB Wallet.’ The firm’s vision for its gold-backed crypto token is for it to become the standard of exchange for anyone wishing to buy/sell the yellow precious metal.

Using the ‘Mine-to-Token’ vertical integration operational approach, the firm is looking to offer people seeking independence from FIAT currencies with a real, tangible alternative.

AABB bolsters its crypto infrastructure

Earlier this month, AABB announced that it had hired the services of a popular cryptocurrency, blockchain, and cybersecurity expert to optimize the architecture, functionality, and overall governance of its propriety exchange offering, as well as to expedite the various milestones that have been outlined in the company’s envisioned roadmap. 

The move seeks to help improve the exchange’s day-to-day operations, with a host of data analyses and assessment reports already being completed in this regard. The obtained results will help AABB devise a plan of action to iron out any inefficiencies and spur the trading platform’s general utility in the near-to-mid term. Commenting on this development, Chris Torres, AABB’s CEO and president, was quoted as saying:

“We are elated with the progress that our Exchange group has realized already by the additional expertise and leadership now in place. Our Exchange operations are advancing rapidly to achieve our core objectives of a robust, efficient, and user-focused Exchange with premier security for our users and token holders.”

In addition to its aforementioned exchange-related news, AABB also revealed that it has launched a preliminary advertisement campaign for its gold-backed token and exchange at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Over the coming weeks and months, these efforts will be expanded with other similar-style marketing campaigns making their way into the market.

Buying gold with crypto is easy… here’s how

Asia Broadband recently announced it is reintroducing its highly popular ‘convert’ feature within its AABB Wallet. As a result, users now have the ability to directly purchase AABBG gold-backed tokens in place of various digital currencies with the touch of a button. The feature had been disabled for a few months to further the development of the AABB’s propriety exchange offering.

AABBG is backed by $30 million of the gold held by the company in its coffers. Future token releases will also be backed by additional physical gold acquired from the firm’s future mining production in a ratio of 1:1.  As the price of gold fluctuates, so will the value of AABBG.

AABB is simplifying crypto payments

According to a recent survey conducted by payments giant Visa, over 80% of all small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) globally plan to start accepting digital payments by the end of 2022. This is because these new forms of payments are key to driving business growth in the eyes of most merchants today.

To this point, Asia Broadband is helping bridge this gap that currently exists between the retail sector and the crypto industry via the introduction of its PayAABB crypto payment gateway. The offering is designed to integrate easily with online stores, allowing merchants to receive payments in the cryptocurrency of their choice. Furthermore, PayAABB is a play-and-plug solution for B2B and B2C businesses, allowing users to facilitate online and offline payments in over 400 digital coins. 

From a security standpoint, the platform is protected using SSL technology, Google 2FA, Google Authenticator, alongside other encryption modules that have been natively developed by AABB. Lastly, all transactions taking place via the PayAABB ecosystem are immune to customer chargebacks, with there being no merchant fees involved at all. Lastly, while customers have the option of making payments in 400+ cryptocurrencies, businesses can choose to get paid in the asset of their choice via the AABB Exchange.

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