As Uniglo (GLO) Price Continues Upwards BitDAO (BIT) And Maker (MKR) May Have To Pay Attention


Success is never isolated in the digital asset space. Any new project which begins gathering momentum is often scrutinised by other protocols, and investors, if they like what they see, often migrate towards the protocol. A gift of the bear market has been the eradication of hype-driven projects, and now only those that provide tangible value to the space are thriving.

An Ethereum-based store of value, Uniglo (GLO), has been accruing incredible amounts of capital during its presale due to the feverish demand within the crypto market for a genuine store of value. Crypto giants BitDAO (BIT) and Maker (MKR) are even taking note of this nascent protocol’s impressive price gains.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has leveraged tokenomics, fundamental economic principles, and the blockchain’s programmability to create a token that blends wealthy preservation and growth speculation into a single investment vehicle. The tokenomics include buy and sell taxes which fund value creation mechanisms. One of which is asset ownership. The Uniglo Vault actively purchases assets to give GLO a value-backed floor price. It exposes investors to various market segments buying a compound of physical and digital assets, hedging against downturn through diversification.

But the most exciting aspect of this protocol is the Ultra Burn Mechanism, with 2% of every transaction automatically burnt; this substantial downwards pressure on the total supply will see the price of each individual GLO token rise as they become scarcer. This deflationary approach is what investors need to combat the inflationary era of fiat.


BitDAO is building a decentralised token economy and uses all of the trading fees on BIT to accumulate a treasury fund. This fund currently adds close to $2 million a day, allowing the DAO to fund measures to push the capabilities of DeFi forwards.

The treasury’s total value stands close to half a billion dollars, even with the current depressed valuation of digital assets. And holders of BIT can vote on proposals to support and encourage new and innovative DeFi protocols.

Maker (MKR)

Maker Protocol is the bedrock of DeFi and is utilised as a building block or lego brick of the majority of larger DeFi protocols due to the blockchain’s composability. Maker is responsible for minting DAI, the fourth largest stablecoin and the largest decentralised stablecoin. Investors can collateralise a growing number of digital assets to mint digital dollars (DAI).

The success of MKR is directly tied to the success of DAI and its utilisation. DAI has a market cap of over $6 billion and continues to flourish, meaning the future is incredibly bright for MKR holders.

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