As the launch of Filecoin (FIL) FVM signals a new era for DeFi and Data DAOs, DigiToads (TOADS) presale is performing exceptionally


Filecoin, a leading decentralized cloud storage platform, was recently in the news after it announced the rollout of its flagship project FVM or the Filecoin Virtual Machine. It has been designed as a runtime environment for deploying smart contracts on the Filecoin network. The smart contracts powered by FVM can also be written in Solidity. The move marked a new era for the decentralized finance ecosystem and data DAOs. Projects like FVM have paved the way for more innovative projects to be launched in the market where decentralized governance could be merged with incentivized participation for creating a permissionless marketplace for data. Some new projects launched recently have also been performing well. DigiToads has emerged as a cutting-edge crypto project which has the potential to catalyze the DeFi space with its unique hybrid model.

DigiToads: Raising the bar of innovation in DeFi space

DigiToads is a powerhouse of features combining multiple utilities to give you a nuanced product. So, you get a meme coin, a Web 3.0 platform, and a staking portal with just one cryptocurrency. The opportunities that you can access on the platform include staking of assets, trading crypto tokens, playing blockchain-based games to win cryptocurrencies, entering giveaways and bagging prize draws. When it comes to variety, you won’t be disappointed with DigiToads. Its native token TOADS is the starting point of the DigiToads ecosystem as you will be able to access these opportunities only after you acquire the token.

Currently available on presale, the TOADS token is a good crypto to buy if you are looking for a versatile cryptocurrency. With a stock of 585 million coins, the TOADS token works as the main utility coin as well as the governance token on the network. Token holders can introduce proposals and vote for proposals moved by other community members with their exclusive voting rights. The token has also hit headlines with the attention that its presale has received. With its fifth stage still in progress, the crypto project has already attracted many users. There are five more phases still left in the presale process and you can easily accumulate huge volumes of this exciting new cryptocurrency.

Widely considered one of the top crypto coins of 2023, DigiToads has a lot to offer. While the list of its USPs is quite long, one of the key draws is its blockchain-based game. The game has everything that a gaming enthusiast might want in a Web 3.0 game, be it gameplay, an exciting storyline, rewards, in-game assets, and great graphics. The game starts in an arena-like swamp where players compete for the highest scores. To up their chances of winning, they can seek help from a group of digital creatures who are called DigiToads. As these DigiToads are known to possess unique traits like strength and extra powers, they can make or break things. If you want you can also purchase training equipment and potions to make your DigiToads stronger. When the season ends and scores are calculated, players occupying 25% of the top positions on the leaderboard are picked as winners and are rewarded with TOADS tokens.

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Filecoin is expected to stay in the bullish zone

Filecoin is a decentralized storage platform that was rolled out in 2020. Today, it’s one of the top crypto coins and has been driving impact by offering a facility where users can pay for data storage and blockchain-powered distribution services. Its native token is FIL. It leverages both proof-of-spacetime and proof-of-replication consensus algorithms. Ever since the platform rolled out the Filecoin Virtual Machine, its FIL token has been drawing a lot of attention and has witnessed positive price action. With its market performance indicating a bullish pattern, analysts believe it is likely to maintain a status quo in the near future unless the selling pressure increases.

DigiToads is being called the best crypto for beginners

Both Filecoin and DigiToads are among the highest-earning coins in the crypto market and have managed to impress cryptocurrency users with their nuanced utility. Having said that, when assessed as a cryptocurrency for beginners, they fare very differently. As a primary data storage platform, Filecoin lags behind DigiToads which is an all-rounder cryptocurrency with multiple choices available for earning passive income. Even analysts seem to be gravitating towards DigiToads because of its higher growth potential. In the coming months, analysts expect the TOADS token to cross the 40x barrier.

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