As Stacks (STX) And Theta Network (THETA) Drop Volumes, Script Network (SCPT) Presale Is Revolutionizing The Watch-to-Earn Game


The uncertainty in the crypto market does not seem to be clearing out anytime soon as Stacks (STX) and Theta Network (THETA), two well respected coins, are performing below investors’ expectations. Some pessimists anticipate a further dip in their values, even up to 15% before a possible change in fortune.

However, there is a boom in the watch-to-earn market, thanks to Script Network (SCPT), a new presale that is transforming the idea of watch-to-earn coins and introducing new value in this highly unpredictable world. Keep reading to find out why Script Network is one of the best cryptos to have in your portfolio right now.

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Script Network Is Disrupting the Watch-to-Earn Coin Game

Script Network is a new entrant into the watch-to-earn (W2E) coins ecosystem with innovative and evolutionary ideas. It has already sold over 22,928,342 tokens few days into its Alpha + Public round, even though it’s quite new to the system.

W2E coins have become the buzz of the investing and trading community as investors and crypto enthusiasts seek long-term investment opportunities. Nonetheless, what makes Script Network distinct from the pack is its plethora of features and use cases – an idea one hardly finds in other related coins in the W2E coin market.

As a blockchain-based ecosystem, several of Script’s features are attractive to watch-to-earn gamers, altcoin fans, and long-term investors. Script has triggered public interest and enormous backing as a result of its mixture of video web3 products, W2E gaming, community rewards, staking rewards and low transaction fees, making it bullish and selling out millions of tokens since the launch of its Alpha + public round.

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Script Network blends alluring gaming experience with financial prizes for its users. Script’s main focus is to become the prime solution for television and film live streaming, allowing users to win mouthwatering rewards as they watch tv on several channels available 24/7/365. $SCPT will be used for governance, staking, and advertising, while $SPAY will be used for rewarding, ScriptGLASS upgrades and transactions on the network.

One thing that may be a source of concern to investors is how too many rewards on the platform might trigger inflation. Nevertheless, the ecosystem is highly deflationary as it has an inbuilt token burn. There will always be paucity of tokens leading to a healthy price outlook in the long run since its maximum price will reduce continually.

Stacks Token Under Selling Pressure

The recent upsurge in world economic recessions and banking sector failures have piled enormous pressure on several cryptos, with Stacks not left out. As investors face fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), they inadvertently push Stacks to sell under intense pressure.

With the current unpredictability of Bitcoin, Stack is projected to keep losing value in the coming weeks. Stacks active users seem to have stalled as the weekly transactions continue to ebb, thereby reducing its position further.

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Theta Network experiences progressive drop in volume

Theta network had sales volume of $23.1M on April 26. But, by the 2nd of May, the volume had already dropped to $7.3M, indicating some levels of investor apathy toward the coin. Though the rise of Bitcoin above $29K has brought back some life into the volume and market cap in the previous day.

Theta Network is a decentralized video streaming network where users can share computing resources and bandwidth on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis. While the importance of this platform is not in doubt, the recent volatility in the crypto market has affected it to a reasonable extent.

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Script Network is a watch-to-earn network that is currently revolutionizing the watch-to-earn coin market. Although a lot of W2E coins are generated just to join the band wagon effect and hardly have concrete value and real use case, Script Network is disrupting this entire pattern. With Script, you can get value for your money as the platform comes with multiple features and real utility.

Even though Script is new in the crypto space, it has already garnered 18.2K twitter followers, 39.9K Instagram followers and 59.3K members on Discord. Script is likely to attract more investors that are interested in earning profits from the evolving watch-to-earn and web3 industries.



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