As Meme Coins Dogecoin (DOGE) And ApeCoin (APE) Lose Hype, Flasko (FLSK) Reaches Stage Two


Investors are concerned about the durability of meme currencies like Dogecoin (DOGE) and ApeCoin (APE) due to the bear market of 2022 that has been wreaking havoc on the cryptocurrency industry. New initiatives have stepped up to the plate and shined a bright beacon of hope after the recent FTX collapse.

One of these initiatives is Flasko, which has attracted much interest and is presently in the second phase of its presale. Learn why investing in Flasko will be profitable by reading on!

ApeCoin (APE) Struggles To Gather Momentum

The Bored Ape Yacht Club, the developers of The Bored Ape NFTs and the ApeCoin (APE), initially held the top spot but is now steadily slipping. With a rumored 1 billion token supply when ApeCoin (APE) started in March, the complete supply was split up into different pieces, each with its timing for distribution.

ApeCoin (APE) has unfortunately been on a downward trend lately since the Metaverse hasn’t been taking off. The current value of ApeCoin (APE) is $3.40, which has alarmed its owners.

Still No Real Use Cases For Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) was created in 2013 as a lighthearted alternative to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Starting at $0.00095, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) ultimately increased to $0.6848. DOGE attracted more purchasers due to the incredible price rise. However, since the currency’s value declines daily, that price level is now a faraway but happy remembrance for investors.

The recent decline in their asset price hasn’t been enjoyable for Dogecoin (DOGE) holders. Another thing that makes traders invest in new initiatives like Flasko is the lack of real-world use cases for Dogecoin (DOGE).

Flasko (FLSK) Draws Investors From Each Crypto Corner

As Dogecoin (DOGE) and ApeCoin (APE) still face criticism for not having any actual use case, Flasko will bring a unique spin to the NFT sector

During the previous five years, investments in whiskey, wine, and champagne have expanded astronomically. Flasko will provide a platform enabling crypto enthusiasts to purchase fractionalized NFTs underpinned by the best bottles of champagne, whiskey, and wine with the most potential for appreciation.

All bottles of premium beverages will be stored in authorized, secure facilities. Additionally, if someone buys a full NFT, Flasko may even provide free delivery of the tangible asset to any destination of their choice!

Flasko’s presale is currently in Stage Two and has begun to sell out of its coins. We understand why the presale is successful with how many various advantages and perks it provides early investors. VIP investors can even take part in Flasko-sponsored wine and champagne-tasting events all around the world!

With the predicted rise of 4,000% in 2023, Flasko’s current price of only $0.085 is a great investment opportunity! 

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