CryptoMode Santander US ATM Fraud

Bank ATMs have always been a core target for criminals. Not just because they are easily accessible, but also because their software security is often abysmal. Santander US has recently fallen victim to a wave of attacks, further highlighting the core problems of these machines. 

Santander US Survives ATM Attack

Whenever a major bank is faced with an ATM attack, problems ensue. In the case of Santander US, there was a bug in the machines, allowing criminals to cash out funds through fake debit cards. Such a software glitch should never exist in the first place. No one knows exactly why this was even possible, yet the outcome remains the exact same.

Several crime gangs leveraged this exploit to cash out a lot of money. The only reason this issue was exposed is due to Santander US staffers noting higher amounts of cash withdrawals. These attacks took place across the Tri-State area. Eventually, the ATMs were all emptied out, creating logistical problems for the bank.

In recent days, several people have been arrested. In fact, local media sources claim as many as 50 people have become people of interest. This further illustrates how well-organized this attack against Santander US was. With so many people involved, one has to wonder how much money may have been lost.

To address the problem, Santander US has shut down access to its ATMs in the affected region. Additionally, all of its branches now have extra security personnel to keep an eye on the matter. Only Santander customers will be able to access the cash withdrawal feature. Customers of other banks will have to try elsewhere. 


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