As Binance Coin (BNB) Retreats, DigiToads (TOADS) Advances in The Crypto Market With More than $ 4 Million Raised


Binance has entered the stage of breakdown of its ascending triangle pattern along with some negative fundamentals, which can push the price of the coin further down. The downward trend can last until the price reaches the level that is almost equal to the maximum height of the triangle. This technical pattern, often regarded as a bullish signal, is now unraveling, signaling potential bearish implications for the price of the coin.

BNB, from a fundamental perspective, looks weaker because of the platform’s increasing legal issues. Binance was in a position where it could have faced criminal charges in regard to sanctions violations and money laundering.

While it struggles to keep up, a few other projects are exhibiting high potential for growth. DigiToads is a newly-launched altcoin that has registered significant growth in the last few weeks. All these make experts believe that the crypto coin is poised for a wild price surge. Many cryptocurrency experts are terming it as the best crypto to invest in.

Let’s find out more about why DigiToads is gaining momentum recently.

DigiToads is the Next Best Investment in 2023

DigiToads is a revolutionary meme coin distinguishing itself from the pack with its P2E gaming, deflationary nature, NFT staking, NFTs, and an environmental/charity aspect. The blockchain-based project aims to revolutionize the world of digital currency. Its primary goal is to create a decentralized advertising platform, which eliminates the need for intermediaries.

Being a deflationary token, the TOADS supply will decrease with time, increasing the value of every token. DigiToads is currently on presale stage seven and has already raised more than $ 4.2 million. Since major crypto coins are accepted as payments, it is accessible to a wide range of investors. If you are an active participant in its presale, you will be given the chance to grab some amazing rewards. There are both daily and weekly prizes, with a grand prize of $50,000.

DigiToads has launched a thrilling Web3 game, which gives players a chance to earn some money while having fun playing the game. Players just have to buy and nurture the DigiToads, the avatar-like creatures.

The ultimate goal of the player is to make sure that their avatar is the biggest and strongest in the swamp arena as it will give them the chance to earn more TOADS when each session ends. When you buy training equipment and food, players can make sure that their characters work on developing one-of-a-kind characteristics to become the strongest. In fact, DigiToads has set aside almost half of its funds generated from game item sales to reward players placed at the top of the leaderboard.

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DigiToads Incorporates NFT Staking

DigiToads is more than a simple meme coin, which is quite evident in its NFT staking abilities offered to the users. The platform or community benefits from having your NFT in their ecosystem, and you benefit from the rewards it generates. An innovative approach like TOADS, in the competitive crypto space, is more likely to succeed since it enables users to earn money.

NFTs are unique digital assets representing anything from artwork to collectibles and in-game assets. Assets are sorted on the blockchain and can’t be exchanged for similar assets, such as cryptocurrencies that are interchangeable. But it is the work of the cryptos to earn support for supporting the network.

But the benefits of DigiToads NFT staking go far beyond earning TOADS. Users while staking their NFTs support the DigiToads ecosystem for ascertaining that it keeps running smoothly. It is important when a platform runs on support from the community.

Bottom Line

Even though DigiToads is a beginner cryptocurrency, it has the potential to become one of the best beginner cryptocurrencies. Its tokenomics model can be attractive to investors. The TOADS supply increases with each transaction. This means that token holders can see their tokens only growing over time as long as the project keeps gaining traction. DigiToads’ presale success shows that it can be a game-changer for the industry.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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